Identity Resolution: Advantages for Increased Operational Efficacy

It is evident from the present scenario that the introduction of the latest channels and platforms has promoted non-trivial issues related to customer experience. One of the most salient concerns is the identification of customers. Individual recognition of the customers is of extreme importance, regardless of the type of industry you are dealing with. It not only helps locate their concerns but ensures immense satisfaction.

Data Marketing & Identity Resolution

Data marketing is all about getting to know your customers through a particular set of database for establishing personalized communication.

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This helps promote the products or services by direct marketing to the targeted clients. While studying and using data marketing, you must have come across the term identity resolution. What is identity resolution? What is the importance of this technique of identification? Through this article, we will discuss identity resolution and the attributes offered by it.

What is Identity Resolution?

What can be more challenging than to focus on a wrong client while addressing the concerns of a different consumer? This is where the unique process of identity resolution plays an important role. In simple words, it is a process of data management that sparingly analyzes the identity of the clients from incongruent databases. Is it inevitable to segregate the clients? Why is it necessary? Let us get straight to the point.

Importance of Identity Resolution

Due to the implementation of numerous channels that lead to a common target, a huge breach is created between the service providers and clients. This has promoted a lack of personal touch in every transaction, leading to an enhanced gap between them. With the advent of the latest technologies and methods of marketing, you are only left with fragments of an individual’s identity. This influences the accumulation of diversified information of a single client, making it difficult to correlate. This breaks the systematic retargeting process, ending up contacting irrelevant clients and wasting resources.

Illustrating the Need for Identity Resolution

If you are a proud owner of a physical as well as an online shop, it is natural for your stores to receive a heavy footfall. The confusion in the identity of the client initiates if a single person explores the product from the online shop and buys it from the physical shop. Due to this dual channel of sale system, you are left with an ambiguous database of a singular client. This gives you a tough time while contacting the client for future communications. In order to avoid it, identity resolution can be introduced into your system to enjoy numerous benefits.

Why Identity Resolution?

Nothing can beat the advantage of getting completely connected to the clients without any information gaps. Even a single missing link can create a misconception that may result in disoriented communication and loss of business. Hence, it is important to be able to achieve a unified view of the clients in order to design the marketing strategy. With this prolific technique, you are enabled to create a relevant message for the clients that will make them feel important which the general messaging technique fails to impose. This not only enhances the client engagement but also leads to a trouble-free management of congested world of marketing.

Benefits of Identity Resolution

With this unique marketing approach, you get to know the entire journey of a particular client making it easier for you to distinguish an individual from the others. Let us have a look at the benefits of identity resolution to understand the importance:

  • Allows cross-device targeting that is inevitable to uniformly reach the potential clients.
  • Accentuates the ROI or Return on Investment in CRM by making sure the uniqueness of the data is maintained.
  • Offers the business with enriched data for serving the consumers in an integrated manner. This assists in hiked customer retention, depleted churn, and accelerated sales options.
  • Locates a particular client with even a simple personal input to gain an accurate, comprehensive, and absolute view of the past records.
  • Empowers improved decisions of business with infallible, consistent, and the latest client data.
  • Significantly diminishes the cost of customer acquisition by formulating acutely targeted campaigns to serve a group of specific audience.

Reducing Fragmentation of the Customer Data

Fragmentation is one of the prime concerns that lead to the formation of disarray of the client database. More the fragmentation of data, more you tend to fall for irrelevant communication with the customers. This is the prime reason for ineffective and inconsistent delivery of the client’s demand.

Once in a while, you defragment the computer to accumulate the scattered files on the hard drive to save space. In a similar manner, you defragment the personal data of the clients to achieve a singular view in a privacy-compliant manner. The primary aim of this technique is to gather information from all the platforms like offline, online, in-store, mobile, and more.

Implementation of Identity Resolution

The database of the customers stored in offline CRM carries great importance and can be considered as principal data. However, you will encounter numerous clients that will visit your online site first. This makes the integration of the client database extremely important. This will help design a specific marketing plan for the clients either in a fresh manner or by retargeting. Traditionally, the entrepreneurs used to implement fuzzy matching to accomplish this activity offline. This was a tough process of matching the data as resources were vast and technique was limited.

The Key Take-Away

Regardless of the offline or online information of the clients, data is the key to achieving a strong foundation for a seamless business transaction. This software offers a fruitful access to the basic information of the clients that adds to the strategic analysis of the marketing activities.

It successfully binds the diversified information of the clients to form a set of databases, which adds to the proper identification of specific clients. Meet the burning challenges of the customer-centric industry with this exceptional approach that never fails to shower you with bountiful advantages as mentioned above. This will effortlessly fit in your infrastructure and lead to the designing of a breach-less system.

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