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A Guide to Selecting the Best Wireless Headsets for Your Call Center

A call center has a charged and stimulating environment. There are rows upon rows of customer service agents speaking to customers over the phone. It can get noisy and hamper the agent’s ability to work efficiently. To counter this problem, all you need to do is invest in high-quality wireless headsets. They will channel out other sounds and let the agent carry out their tasks effectively.

Here is a guide that will help you select the best customer service wireless headsets.

Make Sure It is Comfortable

Customer service agents wear their headsets for about eight hours a day. So, their comfort should be of the utmost importance when picking a wireless headset. Uncomfortable headsets can cause neck pain, backache, muscle pain, and even pain around the ears. Such discomfort will hamper the productivity of the agent. Therefore, you must check how comfortable the headsets are.

Safe Hearing

It is best to make sure that the headset has a volume control option for the mic and the earpiece. This allows the agent to adjust the input and output volume. According to the NIOSH, employees should not be exposed to a volume of more than 85dBA. Ensuring that the headset has volume control will allow the employee to adjust the volume according to their comfort.

The wrong headset can harm your agent’s hearing. Any sudden, even brief, bursts of sound can send them into acoustic shock. It can result in nausea, numbness, headache, and anxiety. So, leaving the volume control in the hands of the agent is a good idea.

Mic Quality

The mic quality on customer service wireless headsets needs to be crisp and clear. When the agent’s voice does not transmit well to the customer, they may ask the agent to repeat themselves frequently. It may leave both the agent and the customer irate. Also, the customer will have a poor impression of your company.

Noise Cancelling

While volume adjustments are necessary, the agent cannot control the volume of other agents around them. Here is when noise canceling steps in. This feature muffles sounds around the agent and allows them to focus on what the customer says. It comes especially handy when the call volume is high, and agents need to take calls back-to-back.

Equipped With Sensors

These headsets can detect when the headset is in an ideal state and will be able to detect that the agent is away from their desk. They will signal the computer to lock, thus ensuring security.


Picking customer service wireless headsets that have replaceable ear pads and voice tubes can help maintain hygiene in your call center. Employees can use new ear pads and voice tubes at the beginning of each shift, thus minimizing the risk of germ contact.

A call center is buzzing with activity as agents strive to resolve customer queries and concerns. Because agents spend most of their working hours wearing a headset, the headset must meet a few quality parameters. By ensuring that the points mentioned above are taken care of, you can invest in the comfort of your employees. Happy employees mean productive employees.

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