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How Technology is Impacting our Lives?

Technology is playing a very important role in the growth and development of various industries and our economy. From the banking sector to the education system, everything is improving day by day.

No one can measure the impact of technology because it is continuously changing and manipulating our surroundings.

We are surrounded by technology. There are so many things which we use daily like mobile phones, TVs, Refrigerators, etc.

Here are some positive impacts of technology on our daily lives –

1 – Improved Communication

Communication is continuously improving and it is also improving the interaction between consumer and business. Continuous communication with the customer will help a business to improve its services. This will create more customer loyalty and will result in more customer engagement and business growth. Piyush Jain, founder of Simpalm says, “businesses can use social media platforms to interact with its customers. This will help the business to get more feedback from them. This is the best way to improve services and gain more customers.”

New methods of communication include social networking sites, video conferences, voice mails, emails, etc. These methods have completely removed the communication gap between two people.

It has also improved the cultural education of children by easily communicating with different countries and know about their society, culture, and lifestyle.

There are so many online forums available in the market who allow people to communicate with people from different communities and societies. A person can easily communicate and know about others using these flexible platforms.

2 – Better Education System

Technology is continuously improving the education system. The reason is that there are several tools with advanced technologies available in the market. The introduction of internet technology has completely changed the learning process. As you can easily find a solution to your problem within a second. Therefore, we can say that technology has completely improved the education system.

It has improved the communication gap between children and teachers. Students feel fear and hesitate to ask questions from the teacher but technology has completely changed the way of communication.

Now, it is very easy to build a long term connection between the teacher and students with the help of using social media.

In modern times, students can learn anything at any time with the help of the internet. According to the research done by Adtech Magazine, there are 68% of schools who have already adopted modern ways to teach students. These modern teachings include the use of smart boards, laptops, etc which gives access to a huge amount of knowledge. This has made learning fun, interesting and more effective.

3 – Improvement in the Health Industry

Technology is continuously improving and bringing amazing changes in the healthcare industry. This continuous change in healthcare is gradually improving patient’s health and quality of life.

We are living in the 21st century where technology is improving the quality of life and curing illness.

From the use of x-ray machines to advance surgical practices, technology has improved our life expectancy and saved a countless number of patients. A maximum number of hospitals have started using and implementing modern equipment. These technological changes have changed the way of treatment with more effectiveness and efficiency.

With the help of technology like the internet, people are having access to enough knowledge and medical information. This also helps patients to save money from unnecessary visits to the doctor’s clinic.

Apart from the improvement in hospitals, there are also healthcare apps and websites available on your figure tip. You can get health care tips, medical information. You can even track heart health and body weight at any time, any place.

Apps like Lybrate &, Practo, allow you to connect with 1,50,000 doctors and medical experts. You can consult with doctors, book appointments, ask questions and even chat with them. These apps are very helpful for doctors and patients to live in under-developed areas.

4 – Changes in Business Activities

Technology is playing a very important role in conducting business operations. Whether your business is small scale or large scale if you are using the latest technology, this will be going to give you both a tangible and intangible advantages. This advantage will produce positive results for customer demand and will also help in making money.

Technology has a huge impact on business activities. Businesses can easily do environment research and competitor research. Easy environment research tools help the businessman to find out the taste and preferences of customers. This environment research will help a businessman to bring changes in its business according to the market demand. This will increase demand and will result in business growth

According to Dan Tighe, Competitive Analyst “There are so many online research tools available in the market. These tools will help you to see and analyze the tricks and tactics used by competitors. Analyzing competitors’ tactics and apply better tactics to business will help you to stay ahead of the competition.”

Technology has improved the communication between the customer and the business. Nowadays, the business needs to engage with its clients regularly. This communication will give lots of benefits to businesses by creating a stronger image in public.

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