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How GPS Truck Tracking Devices Increase Security?

Truck fleet management entails a lot. Technology is a central pillar, particularly surveillance and tracking. Innovative developers and engineers have integrated sophisticated hardware and software to track the trucks remotely for increased efficiency and security.

According to studies, companies that are strict on how they track their long-distance trucks have been trusted by clients to protect their cargo and deliver them timely. That said, it is good to look at all of the security-related benefits of using up-to-date tracking systems.

Driver Security

For truck fleet companies, the security of their employees is a priority. This is one of the primary reasons for installing a GPS that shows the position of the truck in real-time. If the drivers are carjacked on the highway and forced to take a different route other than the normal one, the monitoring personnel can take the agreed security steps to save the driver.

The driver can also hit a panic button that initiates a rescue mission. In many cases, police have relied on fleet truck GPS data to save kidnapped drivers and cargo. When drivers understand the essence of this device, they tend to feel more comfortable driving trucks through any highway in the world.

Electronic Cargo Tracking

Trucks are used to transport different cargo including valuable goods from one location to another. Some take an interstate route for many days before they reach their destination.

As such, the security of the cargo is critical. Most containers are independently tracked with a truck GPS so that the owners and their freight companies can know their current location whether they are on a ship, truck, or train.

Truck companies also remain cautious when handling cargo because they are equally responsible. They increase security through real-time tracking of their vehicles. When anything happens, like the case we mentioned above, they also play a role in the recovery of the cargo.

Today, many bandits understand that both trucks and cargo are tracked and many would not dare to steal them. According to data, the rate of cargo loss while in transit has significantly reduced since the measures of tracking with sophisticated GPS started.

Vehicle Security

How GPS Truck Tracking Devices Increase Security? 1

Fleet companies are also cautious to avoid the loss of their trucks. Thus, this is another reason why they have installed GPS trackers with tamper-proof properties in their trucks. According to experts at EyeRide LLC, a company that supplies, installs, and manages GPS tracking devices for fleets, the security of trucks has greatly increased as well. Rogue drivers would stage a carjacking to steal trucks and sell parts, or even whole trucks in other regions and countries. GPS trackers, together with the latest surveillance equipment, have reduced these crimes.

Like in the other cases, bandits along the highways are not interested in stealing trucks that can be traced within a few hours. The highways have become safer for all users because the number of carjackers has come down.

Other Security Aspects Enhanced by GPS Trackers

Apart from the three important security concerns that have been addressed by the use of GPS, there are more others. Modern trackers have event alerts to notify those who are monitoring them that something has happened so that they can take action promptly. They also store necessary data and make reports on any issues that breach security protocols. Most of them allow switching the trucks off remotely so that security issues can be addressed.


As you can see, most security issues in the trucking industry have been addressed by this procedure. It is therefore important to install modern trackers in your fleet company today. You will be surprised that it even increases productivity and profitability in the company.