Celayix Review: Best Employee Management Software

https://lh3.ggpht.com/4XolPQcRtVRQzkUremkHmhQ3fASAsWOOnz-kOL5bcsohyjiaNczBPYKE5tqfNPCaf6M=w300To start a business, one needs to have to have many careful and lots of planning in order to get a proper start. Many entrepreneurs take many steps to make their business run smoothly and lead ultimately to success. A business also needs a proper workforce to maintain with a good schedule to make them work.

To maintain the schedule of the employees of the company, a proper software is needed by the manager. One cannot maintain the business without a proper workforce management.

The Human resource management department is there to handle these parts of labor management and workforce. That is why the HR department plays a vital role in laying a proper foundation to a business along with promotion and expansion of the business.

Microsoft Excel does the scheduling of the employees of a company but there are also many softwares which does the work of scheduling more efficiently. Celayix is such a software which helps the employee scheduling and keeps a track of their activities with ease.

Intro to Celayix Software

The Celayix software was designed in 2000 by Celayix Inc. to help and assist organizations to maintain the attendance and provide an employee scheduling software to the company. It provides well equipped workforce management tools with their attendance maintenance and keeping track of the activities of the employees. It also helps to receive the employee communication for the customers from various other industries.

Celayix is basically an alternative to the use of traditional Microsoft Excel but many small and medium businesses are switching over to this software for this numerous pros.

There is a website for this software and one can refer easily to the official site for its use. Given below is the download link to the app from playstore:

Download From Google Play Store

Features of Celayix Software

Some of the great features which the Software provide can be listed down below:

  1. Supervising the schedule from the control center.
  2. The availability of the employees in the company.
  3. Requests for time-off.
  4. The meal breaks can be controlled for different employees.
  5. Accruals.
  6. It provides an excellent interface for payroll.
  7. Budgeting and making custom reports.
  8. Custom billing.


How Celayix Software Helps your Business?

The Celayix software also helps to maximize the output by controlling all the factors of workforce and labor management. The software even has a software called the eTime Xpress to manage the workforce more effectively by reducing the undesirable over timings of the employees and improvement of the communication.

Celayix Review: Best Employee Management Software 1

The software mainly deals with many time collection applications to strategically manage all the timings of the employees of the particular organization in order to design a proper schedule.

Celayix Review: Best Employee Management Software 2

Celayix inherits the time and attendance of all the employees of the company to check the payroll and accounting, since the software also does the important works of maintaining the departments of accounting and the interface of payroll.

As a manager of the company, one should find these jobs to be hectic but with the help of this software , one can easily resolve the issues and maintain a proper and smooth function of the business.

The availability of the employees is also managed with this particular software as it monitors the time and attendance of the employees.

Celayix Review: Best Employee Management Software 3

This should prove to be of great help as the head of the organization may find it to be really uncomfortable to find the perfect employees for their departments where they should prove to be apt.


As a whole, the Celayix software is of great help and the companies should look upon this software as a must. The software is trusted by many companies around the world as the software has the ability to manage from small and medium businesses to the complexity of big organizations. The Human Resource department will also find the software to be really helpful as their work would become easier and managing the employees of a particular company will be a cakewalk.