Tips For Starting A Business In 2020 1

Tips For Starting A Business In 2020

A new decade is upon us.

As the year 2019 reaches its dusk, it would be perfect to start the new year with a great bang!

Starting a business is perhaps one of the best ways of taking on a new challenge.

I am sure that many of us already have great and wonderful ideas that we are certain would work.

Starting a business is extremely challenging. It can be backbreaking, laborious work with hundreds of thankless hours. Obstacles will be present right from the start and even when you’ve taken off, there is no observable light at the end of the tunnel.

The journey of starting a business never ends. But once you’ve started, there is no going back.

Here are some of the best tips for starting a business in 2020.

Make sure to read them all before you take on the challenge of starting your business.

Find The Right Investors

Finding the right investor is key to getting your business take off. One common mistake of starting business owners is that they just go with the investor with the deepest pockets. This impulsive decision comes to bite business owners back in the end.

What you need to look for in an investor are these three factors:

1) They need to believe in your vision

Often than not, investors are just in it for the money. And while there is nothing wrong with that, when times become challenging, they are the first to bail out. If they do not believe in you and your vision, at the first sign of trouble, they will abandon ship and leave you with a business doomed to fail.

2) Investors must have enough resources

It would be a waste of time and resources for you to meet up with investors that won’t be able to provide you with the amount that you need.


3) An investor should be patient.

A business, no matter how perfect its structure is, will take time before it establishes itself as an authority figure in its respective field. You want investors that would not rush you for results and lets you run the business at a relaxed pace.

Embrace Technology

Don’t be one of those people that is resistant to new technology. One thing you should accept is that technology helps make life easier and more convenient. This is crucial for the early days when you have fewer people and a multitude of business issues to contend with. Countless businesses have skyrocketed the moment that they embraced technology into their business operations.

Take this for example. As a starting business owner, you may ask, “What is Contract Management?” The answer is that it’s a process for extracting the maximum value from your business’s contracts. It involves steps right from the initial inception of the contract, through negotiation and signature and on to operation and renewal.. The entire contract management process can be resource heavy and is too complicated to rely on a manual process. Using a Contract Management software is far more efficient.

Take Advantage Of Trends and Fads

When it comes to startup businesses, it is better to harness the power of the collective to help you with the marketing efforts. For example, many restaurants have taken advantage of food crazes like purple yam, boba milk tea, and avocado toast. By using these as leverage, you are allowing your business to get known without spending a single dime on marketing.

Be Kind To Your Employees

When you are starting a business, the employees that you hire will play a very crucial role. Treating them right will make them into a productive and happy department whose main objective is to help you build your company. On the other hand, overworking your entire staff will produce nothing but trouble in the long run.

For example, your employee retention rate will suffer and you will have to train new employees regularly greatly affecting your productivity.

It would also be hard for the company to find competent staff if they keep leaving after a few months. Aside from financially compensating them properly, provide them with a decent amount of rest and a positive environment.

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