How to Register a Blogging Company in India

In today’s World Blogging is a very significant factor for a company. Every Website that you visit has a Blog Section, where they provide you with content and articles that are relevant to their business. Blogging is used by companies to create a favorable image for their companies brand, products, and Services. Blogging also enables a company to attract potential clients to consume their products.

Blogging in India is growing at a rapid pace, Blogging nowadays In India is being considered as a potential full-time opportunity. Also check out How you can reduce bounce rate of your blog?

So In Today’s Article, we will tell you how you can register your blog company In India.

How to start a blog?

To start a blog you need follow these steps and you will be able to start a blog full time.

Step 1

To start a blog you need to acquire skills related to web development and content and Digital marketing, you can check out some courses online and websites to gain this knowledge.

Step 2

Plan for web design and look of your blog and decide on what topic to write a blog and carefully and make a plan for the content for your blog.

Step 3

After you have acquired the required skills and plan for your blog. Now you need to come up with a name for your blogging company and blog name itself. Search to see if Blog and Domain name is available and get it registered and you can also Get a Trademark for the blog name and company to safeguard it from being stolen by competitor bloggers.also you need to plan for content that you will share as a blog post.

Step 4

Now in step 4 after you have registered a Domain Name, you need to choose a web host and upload your web design and content onto that web host server to launch your blog into operation.

How to Register a Blogging Company in India

Another most important concern about how to register a company, you can register your blogging company as Sole Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company, LLP Registration and One Person Company.

To register your blog company as one of the above Business Entity all you need to do is First check the company name to see if it is available and can be trademarked by you, obtain a DIN and DSC and Gather all required documents and papers for the company registration.After you’ve checked company names and obtained your DIN and DSC, you’re ready to prepare the company’s registration application for filing online with the RoC, Now visit MCA Official website and there under the Mca services tab under company services you have to choose incorporation and you can also click RUN and Fill and Complete all necessary formalities to register your company In India you can also seek a professional help to register a business In Inda.

To register your blog company you should also make sure that you have following documents and requirements:

  • Current Account
  • Driving license, Voter Id, Pan Card, TAN card and Adhar Card.
  • DIN of all those directors of a proposed company.
  • DSC – Digital Signature Certificate
  • Original copy the of the formal letter issued by ROC regarding the availability of Company name.

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To register your blog In India you also have an option of registering your blog as an SSI and MSME and also you can register as a startup In India.

For SSI and MSME, we recommend you read:

How to Register a Blog company as a Start-up In India.

To register a blog company as a startup you need to Log on To Startup India’s Official Website and then you will see tab named startup India services under which you have to click start-up recognition and you have to fill all the forms and upload all the documents and A Recognition number will be generated.


Blogging Business nowadays is very Popular in India. There are Bloggers who earn lakhs per month and Blogging has potential to be a most profitable way of earning a high income.I hope with this article we were able to provide you with full knowledge about how you can start and register your blog company. In the end, i would also like to add that you may require getting GST Registration as GST is charged on every goods and service in India.

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