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5 Modern Cyber Security Threats: Is Your Business Equipped Against Hackers?

Cyber technology is incredible. There are things we can do today that were unimaginable even a decade ago. But with these amazing abilities come devastating threats to both personal and business security from hackers.

When you own a business, it’s your responsibility to protect your consumers’ sensitive information from data breaches and other cybersecurity threats. There’s no excuse accepted when your security system lets a threat in and personal information is revealed.

Since these threats change frequently, your business needs to be prepared daily for potential breaches in security and attacks. Here are 5 of the modern cybersecurity threats to equip your business to protect against.

5 Cybersecurity Threats to Guard Your Business Against

1. Phishing is a relaxing sport for hackers

The top cyberattack has been around for years and it keeps getting easier and easier for cybercriminals. When hackers set up their systems to phish, they can sit back and let the catches reel themselves in while the criminal nets the reward.

Phishers have become sophisticated enough that the emails they deliver look like they are coming from reputable, trusted sources. Unsuspecting recipients open the email and are exposed to malware that gives the hacker access to critical data. When you own a business, all it takes is one employee to open the email on a business network and suddenly your entire company is vulnerable to attack.

2. Ransomware and malware net cybercriminals billions of dollars annually

Malware has been around for a long time and many businesses are familiar enough with it to defend their systems from most of these threats. But ransomware is a newer cyberthreat that defense services like Mytek, providing professional IT services since 2009, are adjusting their security to stay on top of frequently.

With ransomware, criminals use malware or software to prevent the user access to their system until they pay a ransom, often millions of dollars depending on the victim and the data exposed. This threat has become lucrative to cybercriminals in an era where the most expensive aspects of a data breach are the aftereffects and the cost to the company’s integrity in the public eye.

3. Third-Party attacks are an almost daily event

Third-party, or supply chain attacks, are another modern threat. These happen when a third party like a vendor or someone who works with you but isn’t part of your company has access to your data in some way. Giving them access saves a lot of time and work, but also leaves your company open to more opportunities for cyberattacks.

4. Easy endpoint attack situations are set up in the “cloud.”

As recently as a decade ago, businesses stored their sensitive information on bulky backup drives kept in their offices in secured areas. But today, all of that backup information is sent to the cloud or SaaS service providers.

While these providers do the best they can to protect that information from hackers, all of this sensitive data in one area is like the Fort Knox of gold to cybercriminals. They just keep looking and looking until they find a vector that is hackable from the endpoint and then accesses your network. Check out Carbon Black endpoint security software .

5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence security are turning into attacks

What was initially created as a way to secure systems from attack are being turned around by cybercriminals and used as methods of cybersecurity threats.

ML and AI are used in attacks initiated by ransomware and many other threats. Without a sophisticated defense system that can turn those attacks around at the source, your business’s data is at stake.

6. Equip Your Business with State-of-the-Art Defenses

Simply buying a program to install on your computer isn’t enough to protect against these malicious and ever-evolving threats. Modern cyber threats demand that you use sophisticated technology to protect your business and your consumers from the hackers of today and the future.

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