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Are You Being Too Open Online?

Given many people are online at any time; it is no surprise some get themselves in a bit of trouble with the Internet.

That said are you taking precautions to lessen the odds of being a victim of one form of online crime or another?

Unfortunately, some consumers think it can never happen to them. As a result, they set themselves up for trouble. When it is too late, they’ve found themselves to be the next victim.

With that in mind, are you being too open online?

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

One of the keys to avoiding online trouble is not offering up too much personal information.

As an example, don’t give out any of these pertinent details:

  • Where exactly you live
  • Where exactly your work
  • Where you bank
  • Information about your taxes
  • Anything related to your Social Security number

Yes, you’d think most consumers would know better than to share such pertinent details.

Then again, some individual blurt out way too much personal information. When they do, trouble can be right around the corner.

It is also wise to make sure you have someone looking out for you.

For instance, do you have an identity theft protection provider watching over you?

One way to go about getting the protection you need is turning to a service such as

In doing so, you can watch reviews of identity theft protection providers. Decide for you who would be best suited to protect you and your financial well-being.

You can get alerts to any suspected identity theft fraud that may be creeping its way into your life. With such alerts, you won’t be hanging with a major financial mess on your hands and the criminal is long gone.

Are Your Social Media Activities a Concern?

Along with finding an I.D. theft protection provider, make it a point to be careful when using social media sites.

An example of this would be providing too much info on your daily activities in the world of Facebook.

Say you are going away on a well-deserved trip. Sure, you deserve to get away and have fun. That said do not broadcast this to everyone on Facebook.

Keep in mind that I.D. theft thieves and others with bad intentions track social media. As such, they are ready to strike when they see someone in a vulnerable position.

That vulnerability could end up being you if you post pictures or comments while on vacation.

While it may seem like fun to let the world know you are way, who in fact is taking care of your home while you are out of town? If the answer is no one, your home and you for that matter become sitting ducks.

Be careful to wait until you return from your trip to tell everyone what a great time you had. If you can’t wait until then, lock your account so only trusted friends and family members can see your postings.

Being too open online can lead to all sorts of trouble.

Before you log into your computer or smartphone next time, think about who you want to know what you are up to.

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