The Benefits of Web Transaction Monitoring

The digital medium sees ever-increasing methods of analysis to help business owners understand the nature of their traffic. Although companies in any industry can benefit from the spate of available tools; e-commerce and cloud service-oriented businesses practically need these in order to stay competitive.

To expand this a bit more, just think about how crucial unique transactions are to your business. If you’ve got many of these occurring every day, then you’ll benefit tremendously from having a form of analytics that can track the customer experience along the application funnel. To this effect, web transaction monitoring by Stackify provides a full-service solution to your tracking woes, so that you can identify high-performing aspects and improve the ones that are not yet up to par.

You Need to Track Your Site

The simple, straight-to-the-point web designs of yesteryear no longer work – people ignore flashing banner ads that tell them to perform a single function. The more sophisticated sites of today have many interacting parts – all working behind the scenes in code – that contribute to the overall stability and interactivity of the website.

The Benefits of Web Transaction Monitoring 1

The ability to track each point allows you to improve the customer experience by streamlining each interaction – among other benefits that depend on the specific nature of the website in question. For planning, migration, and managed services for Cloud Platforms such as Azure and AWS, try Katalyst Partners-Managed Service Provider What follows is a general list of abilities of a capable web transaction monitoring software:

1. Improved Availability

Web transaction monitoring software leads to improved availability of the various web forms you use to start the sales funnel. This includes email contact forms, white paper request forms and order forms. For cloud related business software such as SharePoint, Office365, try Apps4Rent  . This ability to enhance the availability of web-related applications extends to just about everything in your cyber-enterprise.

2. Enhances Overall Performance

The Benefits of Web Transaction Monitoring 2

You’ll also notice improvements in performance – in all sectors, in fact. Anywhere that interrelated parts of your web infrastructure converges, you’ll notice an increase in efficiency. Website monitoring also offers protection from outages that can be quite costly during times of high traffic. Whether these outages are the result of cyber attacks, power or server downtimes, your technician will receive the alerts that are so crucial to minimizing the resulting damage.

3. Scalability

The whole reason you’re in business is to improve your services and acquire more customers. As the website and associated properties grow, your web transaction monitoring software will be able to not only track this growth – but anticipate the rate of growth and the expected increase in resources.

Searching for the Necessary Features

The search for monitoring software should begin with a few standard attributes – after that, you can consider some of the more specialized features that certain ones possess. Stackify’s own has unique abilities such as allowing the administrator to configure various thresholds with regards to handling monitoring alerts, as well as who gets notified. For the basics, look for software with the following:

Robust Error Notification

The whole point of website monitoring software is to track all the steps that lead to the final transaction. Because there are so many steps sometimes, an error along the way can cause difficult-to-diagnose problems if you aren’t monitoring every single one.

The only way to guarantee effectiveness is through automatic diagnosis – after which notifications can be sent to the selected administrative parties for performance improvements. There will be time improvements that will propagate to the end-user, making interacting with your website a much more positive experience.

Account for Transactions

A built-in transaction recorder is another important element of a capable website monitoring software. By parsing the entire process into separate, distinct parts, you can have the software perform analytics on every single event in the sales funnel and/or checkout process. As you can imagine, this makes problem diagnosis much more effective, and helps to further streamline the overall process.

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