5 best strategies for using Photos in Web Interfaces. 1

5 best strategies for using Photos in Web Interfaces.

The Internet is the best thing that has happened to people who want to promote their business online. With the level of competition increasing in the business world, business owners are coming up with unique strategies to stay on the top. Every business owner is looking to adopt the newest technology and the best digital marketing tactics that will help them survive through the competition and also, stay above the rivals.

5 best strategies for using Photos in Web Interfaces. 2

Here are listed the 5 best strategies which can be applied to your web interfaces and will help you garner better traffic for your website and get back on the investment you have made in the field of digital marketing, of course via photos.

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1. Your homepage displays an attractive picture

Your homepage is the crucial part of your website, the first impression that the viewers will have of the site. And having an attractive and eye catching picture on your homepage will make the viewers to pause and take a longer look through the website. They will be tempted to look further and this will induce them to make a purchase.

2. Original and unique images

Many a time, companies download pictures from the internet in order to save the time and effort. This is so wrong on many levels. One, they are not exclusive to your website and secondly, you might get embroiled in a legal hassle. It is best for the companies to create photos and images that are original, copyrighted, and exclusively used on their website. Website photos become the image of the company in the minds of the viewers.

3. Photos offer better remembrance

Pictures and photos have a way of getting attached in the minds and are also easier for people to follow what the website wants to convey, rather than reading long texts. In order to get the users’ attention, it is best that the companies use images and pictures to convey what they are offering to the customers, their best points, their positives, testimonials, and referrals.

4. Size does matter

The pictures you have used are unique, entertaining and catchy but are too big in size and loading them takes a long time; there you have lost valuable customers. People like to navigate and move through the site fast and expect to see something different on every page. Keeping pictures that are less in size yet, have the best resolution will help in user engagement for your website.

5. Go off the beaten path

Once your site has unique photos and images, it makes people sit back and take notice of its uniqueness. Have your designer come up with a unique photo or images that are out of the ordinary and different.

Photos tell a story each time with a new flavor, to each viewer. It is up to us how effectively we incorporate these photos in our web interfaces in order to gain high traffic for our website.

Author bio: Ruchi Gupta is a tech blogger and a web professional, who has a knack for finding the best technology in the web world.