How To Find IT companies in Chicago?

The bustling tech town is home to veteran tech firms and innovative startups.

The country looks up to Chicago for exceptional tech services and resolutions to IT problems. With an assorted range of firms, the town has been functioning as a holistic tech city for two decades. There are multiple firms whose services you can avail of. We are listing down a few for you to choose:

Motorola Solutions:

With a crowd of 2500 people, the software firm is located in West Loop. The firm creates new avenues to facilitate better communication and works ardently for creating a safe living environment. Some of the company’s products and services are two-way radio systems, body-worn cameras, etc. These solutions keep the firm and the first responders connected via passing on the crucial information and accessing control solutions.

Rally Health:

Located in The Loop, Rally Health is into HealthTech Industry. It fuses the ease of technology into the health system, which in turn provides personalized health experience to employees. It helps in managing health risks, daily activities, and connects customers to healthcare specialists.


Ntiva provides Managed IT Services, Cloud, Cyber Security, Telephony, IT Consulting and more to businesses looking to grow with technology. The company was named one of Inc. magazine’s “500’s Fastest Growing Companies in America” five years in a row.

SMS Assist:

SMS Assist is a cloud-based network company that provides solutions related to property management. It serves both groups of customers – residential and commercial. Located in Streeterville, the company has 20,000 subcontractors and 140,000 client locations.


The firm operates in the arena of eDiscovery, which preps up to make data actionable. It has been listed as one of the best places to work by prominent finance portals. Looking for an expansion, it is looking forward to recruiting IT and customer support, executives.

Below are a few factors shared by Ntiva – IT Support to Consider Before you hire:

1. Specialization:

As there are different business needs, so there are different specializations in IT companies, some are product based while some are service-based. It’s ideal for customizing the documents as per your needs or having a thorough study of the quoted offer.

2. Clientele:

It’s essential to look out for a company that has a decent clientele. The bigger clientele, the better. Generally, the companies have their list of clients mentioned on their website. However, even if it’s not online, you can ask the firm to provide you the details or the portfolio of their work. A detailed clientele check is a must before you sign an agreement or hire them for your work. A seasoned IT firm will have all of this handy and will even take you through their previous projects in detail.

3. Your Point of Contact:

At any point in time, the hiring needs can be of two types – Short-term based and Long-Term based. In either case, you should know the team working on your project in and out. If it’s a small company, then probably the work will be a collective effort of every individual, but in big firms, separate professionals and teams are assigned. If you want to hire a particular company, ask them to introduce you to the professionals who have been assigned your job.

4. Know the Market:

Before you hire someone, study the market extensively.

What exactly are you looking for?

Which are the companies that you need to approach?

What are their package details?

It may happen that your requirement will differ from the customized packages offered by the company.

To resolve this, you need to indulge in conversations with company officials and discuss their charges for specific services. A comparative study of 3-4 companies is usually beneficial and gives a clear idea of the market scenario.

5. The Upgrade Battle:

With the dynamic needs of society, the products will change, and so will the services.

To accommodate the above, IT needs also need up-gradation.

As a service provider, you’ll always look forward to serving your customers the best.

The latest hardware and software updates facilitate a better service in comparison to the traditional ones. Moreover, to engage your current customers and approach the prospect, you should be buckled up with the best.

Customize your agreement plan such that it has a window for up-gradation or deals with upgrade policy. This aspect is not something that you would like to compromise in the future.

Asses What you Need:

It happens all the time that we end up investing in pieces of stuff that are of minimal use to us.

This is a point to ponder before you finalize your list of services. Some of the services may appear impressive to you, but in reality, you might not need them at all. To categorize the services you need, understand your business type and size. You should be clear in your head if you need hardware upgrades, technician troubleshooting, web hosting, data backup, or anything else. To enlist the services, you can also consult an IT expert who will suggest the services by analyzing multiple aspects of your business.

Backup is Important:

There can be server issues, network issues, or any code errors; all this can lead to losing your data, creating software issues, or on a worse day impacting your business. If all of this becomes a regular affair, then your company’s reputation can hit severe damage. To avoid such scenarios, it is healthy to prepare well before the storm. Get in conversation with your company about the backup policies and arrangements. Ensure that the agreement covers any service issue with both – the hardware and the software.

Customer Support:

For any non-IT person, troubleshooting is a nightmare. Even the slightest of an issue in our electronic system becomes a source of agitation.

The reason being a commoner is unfamiliar to all the technical aspects. It is the job of an IT company to provide not only distinctive tech services but also effortless customer support. In a few circumstances, it might happen that it is not viable to address the person’s query in person, so the team should be diligent enough to process remote troubleshooting. A backdrop check with the previous companies they’ve worked with will be ideal for gaining knowledge about the support efficiency of the company you are considering hiring.

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