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What Do You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring Software?

The tracking of software employees is special software that allows you to monitor your activities of the workers during your work hours in order to detect the company sticking points. Experience shows that workers can spend a good deal of their time working on social networks, games, watching different videos and visiting entertainment sites. Employee monitoring system, such as Monitask, allows the company executive or any other responsible person to analyse the performance of a particular individual, the entire business unit or the company as a whole.

What are the purposes of the use of Employee Monitoring Software?

The key to the supervisory approach of an employee’s computer is the control of the working hours of use, in particular the control of the system, the recording of keystrokes and mouse clicks, and the monitoring of the applications which are running and Internet activity (websites visited). However, this information by itself does not represent the broad outlook of the employees, the work efficiency. Here are few purposes that are crucial.

  • To control the work time, the efficiency of your staff;
  • To keep an eye on a worker suspect, whose activity raises questions between management executives or security officials;
  • Quickly to prevent a worker from the bad works in relation to the company;
  • To investigate information on security incidents.

The basic functionality requirements of employees monitoring software

Capturing key presses

The key moment here is the coincidence of the keystrokes with an active window of the implementation of the application.

Monitoring email

E-mail monitoring is a process, when incoming and outgoing messages pass through software filters where certain compromised content is checked that might contravene the policy’s employers.

The Internet Activity Monitor

Modern monitoring software must have an Internet user role of control activity, which includes monitoring the most popular browsers, registering all pages visited, duration of the visit, and also controlling the communication in messengers, chats, social networks, etc.

Supervision of the execution of the application

This is one of the main functions, which includes tracking the changes in the monitored system (system file that is changing, installation software or uninstallation).

Periodical screenshots

Personal monitoring software should monitor employees of computer screens and make screenshots at predetermined intervals.

Control over the connection of new external storage devices to a specific PC – In order to avoid losses of confidential information, monitoring software should avoid attempts to connect new devices to the PC. The alert system can be considered as the minimum baseline.

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