Best GBA Emulators for Android in 2018

I have seen lot of people still live to play GBA Games on their PC. Now Technology is making our life easier everyday. If you want to enjoy GBA Games on your Android device then there are lot of GBA Emulators for Android available in the Market. Playing GBA games on PC was a fun in those days but you can’t bring your PC everywhere.

Best GBA Emulators for Android in 2018 1

So Developers have made GBA Emulators to continue having fun anywhere anytime. If you are also fan of playing GBA Games, keep reading this post. I have compiled a list of best GBA Emulators for Android Devices. Also check out Top Magisk Modules

Best GBA Emulators for Android

Here I am listing best GBA Emulators. Read about all of them, later you can move to one which you would prefer.

My Boy! – GBA Emulator

It is the one of the best GBA Emulator for Android. It is packed of amazing features. The Very Best thing about My Boy is, It is lightest GBA Emulator that can run on almost on every Low and High Budget Android device. This is capable to play almost all the GBA games on Android device. So you can also play your favorite Pokemon or Zelda title Games without any issue. My Boy also supports External Keyboard. You can pause games and play it later where you left it. You can easily customize controls accordingly.

My Boy GBA Emulator is not available to download for free. It costs around $5. You can also use Free Version of it available with limited features compared to Paid Version. Go and Download My Boy from Google Play Store and Have fun with GBA Games.

John GBA

Name of this GBA Emulator seems a little weird but It is very simple and makes your gaming experience authentic. Developers behind John GBA also developers GBA Emulators for other gaming Devices. It also supports almost every android device running on Android 2.3 or higher version. John has features to enter Cheat codes, use zipped roms file directly, take screenshots and a bunch of other features. If you do not prefer holding your phone always in your hand, You can use external controllers.

John GBA is paid GBA Emulator and its other version called John GBA lite is available for free to download from Google Play Store. There is no other difference between paid free version other than Ads. You may not like ads so you can move to paid version. You get ad-free experience as well their developer support.

MyGBA – Gameboid Emulator

MyGBA is another free nintendo GBA Emulator for Android smartphones. MyGBA is fully modified version of open Gameboid source code. Gameboid was used to play nintendo games but after few years, it went out of development. They have come with Gameboid’s modified version and named it MyGBA.

MyGBA is free GBA Emulator for Android user who love to play nintendo games. it lacks of Controller Support and and you do not get any option to enter cheat codes while playing. It is still perfect for smooth work and light-weight Memory. It could be also best option for those who are looking free GBA Emulators for Android.


GBA.Emu is one of the best and advanced GBA Emulators with loads of good featured as compared to other paid and free GBA Emulators. So If you are looking for feature-packed Android GBA Emulator then GBA.Emu will be best choice for GBA Games lovers. It has the feature to save progress and resume again where you left off. It supports games in various format such as .GBA, .rar, Zipped and 7z files while other GBA Emulators lack of these. It has cheat codes support using VBA-M-compatible files (.clt extension), Multi-touch Controls. GBA.Emu Supports external Keyboards, USB/Bluetooth Gamepad.

As it is packed with some awesome features so It is also not available for free. It cost $4.99 or can say $5. It will be value for money for GBA Game lovers. Enjoy Various GBA Games with this awesome Android GBA Emulator.

GBA Emulator

It is named as GBA Emulator. I have listed at the end because It is an average Game Boy GBA Emulator. You may not like it because Its interface and design is not as much good as others have. It works smooth and fast so it user decided to give it 4 Star Rating which is good sign of how good this GBA Emulator.

As A free version still It is best GBA Emulator with Features such as Cheat Codes, Fast Forwarding, customizable controller layout and compressed file support. I would recommend you to try this one as after seeing its features and available for free.

Final Note

So Guys that’s was all about Best GBA Emulators for Android. Choosing or purchasing a GBA Emulator without knowing them, might be risky. First you need to research a little about that thing then move forward. I have tried my level best to add every good or bad information about these GBA Emulators so that you can choose a best one for yourself.

Hope your doubts to choose good GBA Emulator, are clear now. If you still have any Question or You can let me know in comment Box.

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