How to Fight with Writer's Block with a Blog Name Generator ? 1

How to Fight with Writer’s Block with a Blog Name Generator ?

Professional blogging is now officially a career – and one that can be extremely lucrative if you know what you’re doing. One of the first important aspects to consider when you are creating your blog is what to call it.

That may sound rather basic and unimportant but the title of your blog is your only chance to let visitors know what it’s all about and whether they want to find out more. Just as a website’s domain name is important, so is your blog’s title and can make the difference between it being successful, or not.

 Thankfully, there are some tools available you can use to help you find the best name for your blog. They’re called blog and domain name generators and they basically use algorithms plus your specific information to create unique blog titles that resonate with your audience and more importantly, get people coming back again to keep up with your latest posts. 

What’s in a Name Anyway?

The name of your blog is kind of like the brand of a company and it is something that you want recognized in connection with your name or your business if you are blogging to promote it. Before you even begin about choosing your name, (or generating one the easier way), you need to know what space you intend to occupy with your blog.

Are you in the fashion industry looking to blog about what’s in and what’s not?

How to Fight with Writer's Block with a Blog Name Generator ? 2

Perhaps you are a real estate agent and want a blog that gives you a platform to connect with your audience in a more relaxed tone than on your website?

There are plenty of reasons for creating a blog and an even larger number of blogs already out there. Your name is one thing that can make you more visible than the others.

Why Not Use your Own Name or That of your Business?

It has always been considered unusual to have your full name as a URL although businesses on the contrary, generally choose URLs that are as close to theirs as possible for their websites. The important thing to remember is that a blog should be a separate entity to your business website, particularly if you want to use the opportunity for inbound marketing.

Similarly, although it might be tempting to have your own name as URL for your personal blog, it’s unlikely to have much visibility on the internet. That’s mostly because your personal name doesn’t indicate what your blog is about and that’s the principal reason people are going to want to read it.

Things to Consider before Starting a Blog

Before you dive into the world of blogging, it’s worth taking some time to consider exactly what you want your message to be and who you want to deliver it to. Then you should consider what tone of voice you’re going to be adopting, whether humorous or intellectual, for example. Finally, it’s worth considering if you are going to build a brand around what your blog is called because you’ll want a name that you’ll be happy to be associated with your brand for evermore.

Of course, rather than reaching for the thesaurus and researching your own blog name exhaustively, there are always blog name generators you can use. These will provide you with a blog title that has been analyzed to best represent what your blogging objectives are and can save considerable time and energy in thinking up something yourself!