LEGITFOX Hosting Review: Get World’s best speed at affordable price

World is moving so fast and most companies are going online. If you are into online business then surely you cannot compromise on the quality of the web hosting. Being into online business you need a cheap web hosting services which can provide good speed and awesome uptime for your business. This is the thing which you cannot say about every hosting company.

If you are new into the online business world then surely you cannot afford for costly web hosting provider. But at the same time you need quality web hosting with affordable price. If you are looking for the same then let me tell you , Legitfox web hosting is your perfect solution.

I am a blogger and have tested many web hosting companies during my blogging journey. Having a high traffic on techgeekers, I knew importance of having a good host for your business. Even downtime of some seconds can costs you business of $$$.

I have first heard about Legitfox hosting through an internet blog. Then I did a quite a bit research about this web hosting company.  


I was amazed.

Legitfox claims to be the fastest web hosting company of the internet world.

Shocked!!. As was I. 🙂

This is new name in the web hosting market but with the “word of mouth”  marketing this company is growing exponentially everyday.

Okay. Let me not confuse with putting so many things in one. I will now tell step by step review why they are going to be the next big giant in the web hosting world.


1. Testing the speed of Legitfox shared web hosting.

Legitfox claims to be the fastest web hosting in the world. This is not a claim every company can do. Legitfox is managed from Agra, India. It has blazing fast speed server in two data centers for providing good loading speed for the websites. If you want cheap web hosting services with tons of premium feature (including super loading speed of course!!) then I must say Legitfox web hosting company is your destination.

Whenever a you go to a website then first thing which happens is the response time. If response time sounds too techy for you then let me explain a bit about  it.

A response time a time which happens between the user request and response by the web hosting companies. All material including but not limited to text, images, video etc starts loading after the web hosting response.

So no matter how much you  have optimized your website if the response time is big then your website is not going to load fast. Legitfox webhost have made sure that all website can get a good response rate for faster loading.


One cannot deny the fact every business wants big profit for them. But kindly don’t get me wrong here. I am not neglecting the things like ease to use, customer satisfaction, support etc. I am just saying that if you want to grow big then you need to have good profit along with your journey. (Of Course keeping the service quality in mind.)

So where does profit come from?

In simple words it is the bucks you gain over your investment. If you have low investment for your business for providing high quality service then you are going to earn more profit. Legitfox web hosting providers has done a great job in this regard. They have not only provided great hosting but has also kept in mind the demand and real need of the businesses.

Legitfox provides affordable web hosting for everyone.

You can start hosting website from only $4.95 per month. Along with it, you get 10GB dedicated cpanel hosting. You can see other plans below.


LegitFox Web Hosting Pricing

If you want to reduce your investment cost in long run then you can simply opt for their annual plan. In this way you can save whopping 30% amount. Let me tell you one big thing for you all now. Legitfox web hosting also provides free 100$ complementary google adwords coupon. So if you want to promote your business online through Google then you can do it for free if you choose Legitfox web hosting. Great, Right?

You will also get DDos protection for your website. So your website will be secure from the hackers.

Legitfox fully supports all popular payment methods. You can use PayPal, CCAvenue, Mastercard, Visa, American Express.


It can be quite frustrating for any website owner if their web hosting support is not good. If you are a Legitfox web hosting customer then you don’t need to worry about this aspects. Legitfox is also known for their great supports. (I told you about the word of mouth advertisement, remember?). Be it technical or any other query their support staff is excellent. There are variety of support you can go for. It includes email support, Live chat or you can opt for a phone call too. So Legitfox not only have amazing speed but also a great response time for all your queries.


You can opt for “free hack scan” if you found something suspicious in your website. Hack scan includes feature like virus scanning, DDoS Protection, Brute force defence and 24*7  security monitoring for your site. So basically they have all the things which are necessary for your online presence, YOUR VIRTUAL IDENTITY


If some potential customer try to visit your website and found that your website is not working [down] that it leaves really a bad impression on visitors mind. With Legitfox, you don’t need to worry about this aspects. They have pretty good server uptime (99.99%). Another great thing is that your website will be hosted using SSD storage technology. As we know this technology is top notch technology present in the world.

LegitFox Advanced speed features

As I told you before speed is the first priority for any website. According to a research by kissmetrics 40% of the user left your website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.


Legit Fox offers PHP7 tech and NGINX server speed to quickly load every website. For optimizing more you can take help of free cloudflare which comes as an add on to the site.

Final words about Legitfox

I must say Legitfox team has done a marvelous job to bring quality hosting service. It also offers you 100 day money back guarantee to all. So there is no harm in trying their service.

I would be honest with you guyz. There are lots of hosting company in the market. It is hard to trust any company only by seeing their website. But Legitfox is known for providing quality service. If you read user’s review then you will find that 99% of the review are positive. If you are new to the online world or not satisfied with the current host and looking for cheap web hosting provider with quality services then Legitfox is a great choice. You can get premium service at very affordable prices.

I can assure you this is going to be your best hosting experience.

Do let me know your view about Legitfox in comments. Thank you.

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