How Web Comics Can Be Used For User Engagement And Marketing

Companies are spending thousands of dollars on marketing and user engagement but they don’t realize that there are many free ways to get the user engagement on their sites and the free marketing works like a charm. Take a look at this comic that I noticed on Twitter. It got 5000+ retweets and 1200+ likes:


Notice how this comic is funny, short and targeted at web developers. An intern probably drew this cartoon (for very cheap) and it got the company (Browserling) massive attention.

Before moving ahead, let me share some of the common marketing ways using which you can get user engagement:

  • Share post on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Have a subscription form and email your subscribers about news.
  • Make a buzz through PR and public stunts (paid usually).
  • Make outreach campaigns.
  • Present it in a funny way.

Today I will mainly discuss the first and the last ways to get user engagement. These are a new, effective and affordable form of marketing these days. The online industry is changing very rapidly. Things that were working 5 years ago may not work as effective now (for example newspapers) and online business owners need to do modern experiments.

How can you do that?

You can use the below simple yet effective stuff to get more user engagement:

  • Create and share funny images, cartoons or memes in your niches.
  • Comics can work pretty well.
  • GIF images work even better as people love animations.
  • Small videos can also do your work (less than 30 secs).

And the best thing is, you don’t need to do any paid marketing. Just share on your social channel and ask your followers to share, if they liked it!

Browserling as an example

Let’s use Browserling as an example (tweet at the beginning of the article). This company is a cross-browser testing company. They’re located in Oakland, California and they’re apparently one of the fastest growing companies in the web testing industry. They provide a cross-browser testing platform with hundreds of features and tools (see this Browserling review that I found for more info). Their niche is browsers, web development and web programming. So they created a unique and funny programming comic for web developers called very simply Browserling’s comic.


There are over 80 categories in which you can find comics. You will be surprised to see how simply they have implemented categories as tags. You can click any tag and find comics about the topic.


All Browserling’s comics are free to share and use, that’s why they get so popular. You can use them for promoting your own products as well. Let’s say I am working on some piece of content related to computer and so I may use the below webcomic:

comic-browserDevops Joke

The above image is showing a common problem that any techy experience. Sometimes we don’t have a keyboard connected and while rebooting it asks to press F1 key.

So if you are sharing this image on your Facebook, all those guys who have ever come across such situation will share this because it’s funny. How can you press F1 to continue if you don’t have a keyboard? Haha!

internet-explorerInternet Explorer Joke

Similarly, if you’re working on a webapp that needs to work in Internet Explorer you can share the comic image about IE being only useful for downloading Chrome. Almost all the users download Chrome after installing a fresh Windows operating system and they will find this funny and your post will get thousands of shares.


Below is some of the common practice to get more user engagement:

  • Use or create a webcomic related to your niche.
  • Drop a link to your site while sharing the webcomic.
  • Ask viewers to share, if they liked the comic.
  • The destination of the link should be an optimized landing page.

These were some of the best ways to use webcomic for user engagement. You can use this webcomic from Browserling wherever you want for free and can get the maximum benefit.

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