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In today’s modern internet era, one cannot ignore the importance of social love which people shower on you. Even the big giant Google also take social signal as a factor while ranking different websites in its search results. If you are a newbie then it may be very hard for you to get social signal.

Imagine you are going to publish one post on social media like Facebook then due to recent Facebook algorithm changes your post reach will be limited. But if your post gets some social shares then Facebook algorithm will increase your post reach. This has been the scenario with most of the social sites. The reason behind this is to force people for paid promotion for better revenue of the social site.

It was quite frustrating time for me because being on a limited budget I cannot initiate promotion through paid post first for better reach afterwards.

You will not have to suffer the same now.

I recently came to know about a social media exchange platform viz. like4like which lets you gain free social media signal for better reach. Here you can promote your post for free and can gain powerful social media signal for your post, videos or any kind of shareable stuff on social sites.


So without further ado let me tell more about this platform.

What is like4like?

Like4like defines itself as

“We at are a group of people dedicated of bringing more traffic at you social pages. We are building a system to make your social pages more popular”

As I told you earlier if your post has got some signal then it will reach to more number of your friends. Here you can easily get those initial boost and also later too.

What are the social platforms available on

You can literally find every social platform available on the web on like4like. I have below mentioned all the social site that are available.

How to get free social signal?

First thing first, go to like4like and sign up for free.

Now after verifying your email id you can now login into like4like.

Here is how your menu bar will look like
The platform work on the simple concept.

You share others content and other share yours. As simple as that.


For sharing your content for promotion, you need to first have some credit. But don’t worry. You can always get free credits by sharing others stuff. You can find these pages on the menu item social media exchange. As an example I am going to share google plus pages. Here is what it looks like.

After Google pulsing these post you will have enough coin to promote your post. Now next thing is how to get social signal to your specific post.

The next item you can see in the menu bar is Add and manage Pages
Here you can add your post to get free social signal.

I am adding my google plus post to get free google plus signal. You can add other as well.
Here you can see the number of share your post has till got. Just set the credit you want to give people for sharing your post. The less the number, the more signal you get. Although setting less credit will slightly slow the process. You can also define the limit of social signal you want to receive in a day.

Not only this you can also set the location from where you want to get social signal from. This is quite an advance option. I must say a big thank you to the developers team for this.
Just devote 10-15 minutes daily for this and you will have an immense promotion for free.

How to get more free coins?

Like4like has plenty of option for getting free coins.
First is active member bonuses.
If you are quite active on the platform then you will get active member bonuses.
You will get 10-40 coins for every active member bonuses on random.


Is not that great?

I really love this platform to get free social signal.

You will also get 5000 points if you are the most credit earned member in the past week.


If you think if this is enough then let me surprise you more.

You can also earn by referring like4like platform to your friends. Not one time you will get free coins for four weeks. Here is how this works.
There are plenty of other options as well. You just need to explore more and more this platform. You never know like4like can surprise you anytime.

You can also purchase credit if you don’t want to invest your time on this platform. Just purchase credit one time and all works on automation then.


I have been using this platform since a quite a few time and it has been a great experience for me. I needed some google plus signal for my post. After researching some time I head over to like4like and wow!. I wish I could know this platform earlier to unnecessarily wasting my money for getting social signal. I hope this platform will also help you to get more social signal and you will get reach more potential audience.

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