5 ways to increase user engagement on your web page 1

5 ways to increase user engagement on your web page

Your webpage has a purpose; purpose to sell a product/s, a service or maybe just to educate. But if you don’t have visitors coming to your site, it becomes a mere waste of money, time and resources and you have lost the opportunity of increasing traffic for the site.

Whatever the field maybe, there are numerous competitors for the same, and the audience today are such that their attention span is dwindling to seconds. They tend to move away as soon as something newer and attractive is available on the net.

5 ways to increase user engagement on your web page 2

Now, to address the issue of how you can increase the user engagement on the web page you have created with so much planning, care and attention, follow these 5 simple tips that will render 100% results.

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1. Content is the king

The content of your website is what keeps the visitors coming back to it. So, it is of vital importance that you keep your content unique, attention catching and frequently updated. Having to see the same content every time the user logs into your website, is a great put off and the user is most likely to move off to one of your competitors.

2. Keep your site fast

Slow loading of content is mood killer and the users will immediately switch to another website and you have lost a valued customer. The page speed is also essential to keep your page on top of the search engine pages, thus helping you in Search Engine Optimization.

3. Develop a site that is easy to navigate

Difficulty in moving around the site will result in less people logging in to your page and ultimately, less traffic and visibility. Proper internal linking of site will help retain the visitors and have them coming back for more. Poor navigation will frustrate the customers and send them running to another rival websitelooking for what they couldn’t find here.

4. Enhance visitors interaction

Your visitors love to be acknowledged and like it all the more if you are able to reply to the comments they leave on the site. The process maybe time-consuming, but gives quite positive results.

Having an opinion poll, competitions and contents for the users is also a great way to keep them engaged and have them come back. Maintaining proper interactions with your customers will help you in building brand loyalty as well as a solid customer base.

5. Engagement through CTAs

Creating strong and effective Call To Action (CTAs) will grab the users’ attention and increase the user interactions along with other business goals such as email subscriptions, sign-ups, sales and many others. Planning and strategically placing your CTA button will help in user engagement and help you take immediate actions when required.

Author Bio: Ruchi Gupta is the CEO of a well-known web designing company and has passion for designing and executing the most innovative websites, alike techgeekers.com and is passionate about increasing user interactions in the website she creates.