Best cameras for vlogging’. We prefer you do ‘cameras’ not camera. 1

Best cameras for vlogging’. We prefer you do ‘cameras’ not camera.

So my folk you want to vlog?

But actually, do you know what vlog is?

Every human loves to watch videos on Facebook, YouTube or where ever they get them.

Can you people imagine every month 6 million hours of videos in watched on YouTube and 92 percent of mobile users see videos are shared them with others?

As seeing humans interest in watching videos many people start making videos of themselves or any event they attend and post it on YouTube or their site with the name of vlog.

Posting vlog on YouTube is free and cost effective because people watch their vlog and share them and this process helps people to make them famous.

Best cameras for vlogging’. We prefer you do ‘cameras’ not camera. 2

Before videos and blog were written but now time has changed and theirs is a great paradigm shift in the form of vlogging. Vlogging is the mixture of videos and blog. Vlogging is a ground-breaking and cost effective way to create brand awareness and establish the brand image.

Rather than the fact creating the good image of any business, normal layman also vlog and many people got famous by vlogging about their life and later those people start speaking on their vlog for famous brands as they get hire because of their fan following, people make millions of money by as pro vloggers on their channels.

When we decide to start making vlog, we have countless opportunities to decide on what will be the type of content you’ll be producing on, which atmospheres and location will be best for your vlogging, what will be the right for your shoot, and so forth.

And if you don’t have the right camera so how can you get a good vlog?

So the first and foremost thing to keep in your mind is to have a perfect camera. Today this article will help you to find the best video camera for vlogging you also wanna check drone camera  . Hold your horses and get ready to know 2017 best four video cameras for vlogging purpose.

The best vlogging video cameras

1. Nikon D300

2. Canon EOS 5D MARK III

3. Panasonic Lumix GH4

4. Sony Alpha A7R mark II

1. Nikon D300

Best cameras for vlogging’. We prefer you do ‘cameras’ not camera. 3

Nikon D300 is the best camera for those are stepping into the vlogging world basically this camera is suitable for beginners. It is well-found with some best specifications and its numbers considering the reasonably priced and also gave Wi-Fi features so that you can have instant access to all photos and videos. Image Stabilization lens offers you the guarantee to have focused on you and your content without the problem blur there will be no blur issue while making videos or taking pictures and it has 24.2 Megapixels and 1080p Full HD footage, this camera also contains the feature to shoot five fps with high-resolution clarity at all angles. It also contains panoramic mode with that you can make various scene with wide-range shots that are normally quite difficult to capture. So Nikon model D300 is the best camera for vlogging purpose.

2. Canon EOS 5D MARK III

Best cameras for vlogging’. We prefer you do ‘cameras’ not camera. 4

If you are planning to take your YouTube channel at next level so you must go and buy canon EOS 5D MAK III because it is not only good for pictures but also fantastic for videos stuff or even more than that. This camera is full- frame camera in which you can make a video at wide angle. The videos recorded in this camera look very natural to the eye and the shots won’t get angle distortion from the wide range. The only feature this DSLR lack is WIFI connection and articulating screen. But still, this camera is worth taking for vlogging purpose.

3. Panasonic Lumix GH4

Best cameras for vlogging’. We prefer you do ‘cameras’ not camera. 5

I would recommend this camera because the famous vloggers have stepped up to this DSLR to have a high video quality and inventive control on it. Panasonic Lumix GH4 have the large four third size sensor in it. This camera can tackle vlog and even any kind of documentary. This camera contains most of the features that best DSLR should have. So if you want the best control on DSLR you must start your vlog career with this professional camera.

4. Sony Alpha A7R MARK II

Best cameras for vlogging’. We prefer you do ‘cameras’ not camera. 6

This cameras best quality is low light shooting and even camera also captures video from 4k and it uses full frame sensor. It also have feature of WIFI, screen tilts up and down very easily and smoothly. The video from this camera can be easily shot at 30p, 24p and 4k, this camera also prove color correction after the video is made.

So now I am sure that you might know which camera is perfect for vlogging. If you are beginners to vlog field you so you must buy anyone from these four DSLR because these are most famous and worth buying cameras.