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How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Site

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If you are in the blogging world since a while then surely you know the importance of quality backlinks to your site. The two term Content & Quality Backlinks are surely complement of each other. If you have quality content on your site then it is not necessary that you will get huge traffic to your site only on the basis of your content. In this blogging world, where search engine drives most of the traffic coming to your site, it is necessary to have quality backlinks to your site. Good quality backlinks to your site will certainly raise your site’s reputation in its niche. This will also boost the traffic coming to your site.

This gets even clearer when we see the low content of some site with quality backlinks gets rank on Google than good quality content having poor backlinks. For the beginner it is also a factor. They should provide quality content on their site and start building backlinks. These quality backlinks will derive organic traffic to your site from the google or other search engine. But there is a proper way of making backlinks. You cannot just flood the whole web with your site’s link. These technique will be treated as black hat technique and you cannot survive for long there.

But friends, before we further go ahead to the way of making quality backlink, let’s take a look on what really backlinks is? It is perfect for beginners.


Backlinks are simply links on other sites, which points towards your site in some way.

When Google or other search engine finds your site’s link on other site, then its gives some link Juice to your site. Remember friends, link juice is considered as an important factor in search engine algorithm to rank the web pages on its search results page. But it is also true that all such links don’t give link juice to your site. So it is necessary to understand the type of the link which passes the juice and which doesn’t.

Backlinks visual example

Backlinks Types

  1. Do follow backlink
  2. No follow backlink

1.Do follow backlink

These are the type of the backlinks which are necessary for your site to improve its ranks on Search Engine Result Pages(SERP). In true way these are the backlinks which carry link juice. These are the real backlinks which will boost your site traffic.

2. No follow backlink

No follow backlinks are those backlinks which don’t carry juice in themselves. These backlinks are not necessary for your site except they are from a reputed site. These are the backlinks which helps you to rank higher on google page rank(PR). If you have more No follow backlinks to your site then it will raise your number on Page Rank.

To know which link is do follow and which is no follow, we can use different plugins available for browsers. If you are using Firefox, then you can install NoDoFollow add-on. And if you are using the Chrome browser then you can download SEOquake for the same.

Top ways of making quality backlinks to your site

backlinks Source

1.Social Media backlinks

Social media are the perfect start for a newbie to reach the people and spread their content. Most popular Social media such as Facebook, twitter etc. only provide the No follow links for the blogs but they are good for improving your site’s authority on social media and raise your authority on your niche because these are the places where people are mostly active. Regular posts on suitable timing can drive traffic to your site. I mean to say, if you are under the niche such as restaurant then you can schedule your post for lunch time when your targeted people are mostly active. It is said that two post in a day are the perfect start for newbies. Although you can increase your number of posts per day when your blog get recognization.

But don’t worry friends we also have the facility of getting do follow backlinks. Some other sites such as Google+, Thumblr etc. are those which gives you do dollow backlinks.

2. Guest post on other site

This is the oldest way of getting the quality backlinks. Write a guest post for other reputed blog under your niche. In this way you will expose yourself to larger group of people. You can give your link at the end of the post or in the author bio section. You get two benefit from this method. One is you will get traffic boost from the fellow bloggers site. Other is if that site is providing do follow quality backlinks, then you will get some part of link juice of that site. This will eventually help you to get higher on SERP.

Additionally if you do guest post on other site, you can solve some of problem with that blogger. Because they have the experience under you niche. There may be a time when they have gone through same problem as you are facing today. So it is also necessary for your blog’s future.

3. Do a bookmark on Social site

This is the simplest way of making backlink. If you are giving your site links in these site, it means you are exposing yourself to a large community of people. But which site you should bookmark and which not, you can understand by their pagerank. If you are getting quality backlinks from a site which has higher pagerank, then it is beneficial for your site. Below is the list of some site which has higher google pagerank.

  1. – PR9
  2. – PR8
  3. – PR8
  4. – PR8
  5. – PR8
  6. – PR8
  7. – PR7
  8. – PR7
  9. – PR7
  10. – PR7
  11. – PR7
  12. – PR7
  13. – PR7
  14. – PR7
  15. – PR7
  16. –PR7
  17. –PR7
  18. – PR7
  19. – PR6
  20. – PR6
  21. – PR6
  22. – PR6
  23. – PR6
  24. – PR6
  25. – PR6
  26. – PR6
  27. – PR6
  28. – PR6
  29. – PR6
  30. – PR6
  31. – PR6
  32. – PR6
  33. – PR6
  34. – PR6
  35. – PR5
  36. – PR5
  37. – PR5
  38. – PR
  39. – PR
  40. – PR5
  41. – PR5
  42. – PR
  43. – PR
  44. – PR5
  45. – PR5
  46. – PR5
  47. – PR
  48. – PR
  49. – PR
  50. – PR5

This is the popular way of getting backlink to your site. But remember folks, If you do it at a large, this can harm your site. It will be treated as spam. So do bookmark the sites but do in a way that they don’t look unnatural.

4. Comment on other blogs.

You can build high number of quality backlinks from this method. But too many of this in a short span of time will also suspect your authority of blog to search engine. Mostly commenting on blogs is No follow, but there are blogs which provide Do follow backlinks to your site. Comment on do follow blogs but also comment on No follow blogs. It will make sure that you are not a robot which only search for do follow blogs and leaves a comment there. You can search blogs under your niche with the help of google.

Also you can use for finding blogs under your niche.DropMyLinks

5. Be Active on popular forum Ask question and give answer

Various sites such as Yahoo Answers, wiki answer, askmefast etc. where you can ask the different type of question to a community, provides the source of making quality backlinks. You can give answer to various questions under your niche and at the end of answer you can give your sites link.

Below is the screenshot of the same.

Forum Backlinks

Here are some popular site which are perfect for making backlinks.

  • Yahoo answers
  • Wiki answers
  • Askmefast

6. Sort problem of other people on forums

This is another way of making backlinks. If you help other people on popular forum you will get high quality backlink to your site. In forum you will first have to make an account for this. So do so, and search for posts which are relevant to your blogs. But don’t provide fake information for getting backlinks. It will first boost your traffic, but in a long term you will suffer this. So only provide the solution of the things which you actually know.

Here are the list of popular forums on the web under different niche.

  • Joomla Forum
  • MySql Forum
  • Geek Village Forum
  • HTML Forum
  • MyGame Builder Forum
  • WebHosting Forum
  • Affiliate Marketing Forum
  • CNET Forum
  • Siteowners Forum
  • Search Engine Watch Forum


You can start making quality backlinks from above things. But always remember that search engine are also not fool. If you are doing comment on other blog which is not relevant to your niche or your comment is irrelevant and only intended for getting backlinks, then you will certainly going suffer for this. Google has powerful tools, which are powerful enough to detect such technique. According to a report if you are following an irrelevant technique to raise your blog, google can detect it at most in 45 days. If you are caught in this then google may penalize your site and might push you a corner from where it will be very hard for you to get up and acquired the previous build position.

So do make the backlinks but remember to make it in a way that they look natural.

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