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WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most common applications in the world today. It helps us to send messages to other people along with other files such as songs, videos, images, documents etc. GBWhatsapp is its most popular MOD app. The app was launched in 2009 and since it launching, the app has overtaken the market and it spread like wildfire. The app is available in all the three platforms of Windows, Mac and Android. It was launched at such a time when sending messages were available at a price and it was the biggest trend at that time. Also check out Yowhatsapp which is another popular Whatsapp Mod apk.

WhatsApp allows us to send and receive messages free of cost  in chat and whatsapp groups and any number of messages can be sent or received without any limitation. It only needs an internet connection to work and that’s all. Recently, WhatsApp call is the new feature which have been included in the app. One can do or receive a call from another person in presence of a stable internet connection. Even video calls are also made available, all one need is a stable internet connection. You can also download GBInstagram apk.

With the growing popularity of the WhatsApp messenger, many people are coming up with different types of mods in the application. There are various types of mods available in the application market today of this particular app. Many people tried to have dual accounts and manage them and at last they came up with a mod known as GBWhatsApp.

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This app has dual WhatsApp account control and has other amazing features. This is reasonably a new mod of the legit WhatsApp Messenger app and consists of many more features than the original app. It has more capabilities and stock of other features. GBWhatsApp is a whole new name and is easily available in the Google Playstore of the Android market. With the popularity of the WhatsApp app all over the world, the advent of the GBWhatsApp has increased it way more further. It is available in the android market You can download gbwhatsapp apk easily now. It helps us to have a control on dual accounts as both the apps don’t have any sort of conflict between them and both the applications can be used at the same time.

About GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a third-party app which has the best security features as that of the original WhatsApp app. It also has more other features like it doesn’t require any other smart lock app like the former app. It is available only in the android market now. It comes with an in-built security smart lock feature which helps it to lock the app and provide a password. Here below is the download link of the app.


The above link contains the latest version of the app and it is advisable to see the official website of the app in order to get the latest updates of the app and update the app with all the latest features.

Version Info

Name of the Software GBWhatsApp
Last updated on 1st August, 2017
Size of the app 34.4 MB
Minimum requirements Android 4.0+
Downloads in total 5,000,000+
Name of the developer Atnfas Hoak

The latest features:

  • We can hide blue ticks and second ticks.
  • The last seen can be freezed.
  • The colour of the app logo can be changed, making it look different from the original WhatsApp app.
  • The limit of images to be sent at one time has been increased to 90 from 10.
  • No ban issues faced with the app as it is built with anti-ban mod.
  • Large video files can be sent in this app.
  • It supports video calls like the original WhatsApp app.
  • There is a feature of toast notification where we will be able to see the number of people online with their names without opening the personal chats with them.
  • We can even colorize the navigation bar and the notification bar.
  • The WhatsApp statuses of other people can be downloaded.
  • Make yourself online forever with a new feature in this app.
  • The different types of medias received can be previewed without actually downloading them.
  • While copying a text, the contact name, date and time can be made hidden.
  • The notifications of the messages can be hidden.
  • A specific part of a message can be copied, rather than copying the full message and editing it like in the traditional app.

Since, this app is a third app, while installing it after successful downloading of the app, the phone may give the user a warning that the phone blocks all downloads from unknown or other sources. We have to make some changes in the settings by turning the download and installing of apps from unknown sources. Then by opening the app, login by putting the mobile number. Then give the name of the user and a profile picture to the account and done. The signing process in to the GBWhatsApp app is done and the user is all free to use the app.


Feel free to use this app as this app is being used by a huge number of people around the world and no ban issues have been faced by any of them. Always update the app from trusted sources when there is one and enjoy using it simultaneously with the WhatsApp Messenger App.

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