How Embedded Analytics Can Help Us Make Smarter Security Decisions?

Accelerated data processing, integration, and analysis are now in high demand amongst businesses.

Embedded analytics is no different. It’s structured to make business intelligence (BI) and data analysis easily accessible by any software application. If adequately harnessed, embedded analytics may help identify and tackle security threats, predict consumer behavior and get a handle on challenges more quickly.

Organizations are progressively going towards embedded data analytics to help them make smarter security decisions. If your company is entertaining the idea, you may want to consider embedded analytics for the following reasons.

1. Swift Preparation and Centralizing of Interactive and Factual Data

How Embedded Analytics Can Help Us Make Smarter Security Decisions? 1

Embedded analytics makes accessing reports from evaluated data smooth and interactive. Factual data from multiple sources are extracted, strictly analyzed, and made easily accessible to the end-user with accuracy and precision. With clear factual feedback, your company can detect and mitigate security threats that are likely to come. What’s more, you’ll be more confident in making security decisions when you know the data you’re working with is relevant to your business needs.

It’s also worth mentioning that the data is very interactive. Interactivity usually comes in the form of tabular displays of data, dropdowns, links, charts, and tables. This way, information is digested faster and, as a result, action is taken sooner.

Embedding analytics on all your company’s digital platforms—from security, finance to human resources—will benefit all of your operations across the board. It can also connect data sources, applications in a way that they can predict results in real-time and at scale.

2. Secure collaboration and sharing of documents.

How Embedded Analytics Can Help Us Make Smarter Security Decisions? 2

In the past, the sharing and collaboration of documents and spreadsheets introduced unforeseen risks to many companies.

However, with embedded analytics, you can quickly and easily share information knowing all the required security remains intact and adheres to company or government guidelines. What’s more, you can set permissions and access levels for different people who need the data.

Also, the regulated linking of data insights and reports on the embedded analytics platform helps the end-user save a great deal of time. Instead of going through different safety parameters, users can quickly and easily navigate. What’s more, some embedded analytics software comes with tabular displays that monitor user behavior.

No doubt, sharing documents is just one security threat many companies face and which can be taken care of via embedded analytics. However, your IT manager must still ensure that only trustworthy programs are used in your business operations in order to protect you from other threats.

In this case, your business will very likely benefit from a cybersecurity consulting session from a company like American Virtual Cloud Technologies (AVCtechnologies). They offer timely support, productive security management, and threat intelligence. You’ll certainly to stay one step ahead with such a service.

3. Can be integrated into the dashboard of the existing security framework.

How Embedded Analytics Can Help Us Make Smarter Security Decisions? 3

No doubt, data management is made easier with a real-time dashboard. In fact, having a dashboard is a great way to view several data reports in a particular place. Embedding real-time and dashboards allow the end-user to analyze the data held within the software application into which the analytics platform is embedded. Aside from the fact that information is condensed and made more transparent, the end-user can also access actions such as order buttons in dashboards.

The good news is that embedded analytics can be integrated into your current dashboard. This amps up the entire user experience and also offers a single sign-on in one application. Even better is the fact that you can also integrate your existing security framework with the new analytics or any business intelligence tools you may have. This drastically reduces the unnecessary burden of using two different applications. If you never have to leave the dashboard you’ll start saving time right away.

Data drives business, that’s a truth that’s long been clear regardless of industry. Bear these options in mind as you consider how to integrate you data and keep it safe.

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