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What’s your Content Marketing Plan in 2019?

Are you in the process of building a new strategy to support your content marketing plans?

Guest blogging, a proven means of promoting your business, can set you in front of your competition in no time. This proven link building tactic has to be backed by a successful guest posting strategy to gain optimum brand visibility.

If your quest for innovative lead generation is taking more time or is still on hold, then the right time to trigger it off is now.

Professional guest posting companies can provide the right momentum to your link building campaigns by finding relevant authoritative blogs to publish your blogs on. They can also create, curate, and publish your content for quality assurance.

What follows below will throw light on how to get more value from your content marketing plan in 2019.

Get in Touch with Prospective Bloggers and Influencer Sites

The guest post was written by you, or your preferred writers, have to be published on relevant sites to make their impact. However, it is not easy to get your guest post on niche relevant blogs. You have to reach out to prospects with the aim of getting contextual backlinks for your posts.

Problems in Reaching Out to Prospects

Many times, they do not respond to your emails and comments because of disinterest or lack of time.

More so, not all influencer sites are open to the idea of external bloggers posting on their sites.

So, how do you make their link equity add up to yours?

It is a cumbersome task to perform considering that you have to focus on your business activities and other areas of expertise.

The Need for Reliable Guest Posting Companies

This is where professional guest blogging service providers like Outreach Monks come to your rescue with their armory of SEO keywords, good writers, relevant content, and inroads into premium influencer sites with Domain Authority (DA) of 10+ or more.

Domain Authority Scores – What to Aim for?

Domain authority ranging between 40 and 50 is reckoned as average. A website having a DA between 50 and 60 is considered good while a score of 60 plus is considered excellent. Guest posting companies check the performance of the domains relevant to your business to give you an idea of how your posts would rank on those sites.

Benefits of Guest Posting

All successful content marketing plans require a guest blogging strategy in place to boost traffic and ROI. It is a significant part of any marketing funnel. In fact, 53% of marketers are prioritising blog content, see here.

The content posted on influencer sites draws in a new audience and talks about your business operations and brand.

You can attract new subscribers and escalate lead generations through this simple exercise of posting guest blogs. It’s important to reach out to trusted, industry-relevant sites to build authoritative links and improve your brand’s ranking on search results pages.

Form Right Connections with Guest Blogging Services

Get in touch with your preferred guest bloggers to find the right site to send your contributions to. Hire an experienced guest posting service provider to choose winning topics and write the most suitable content for you. The many benefits of guest blogging will make you publish more fresh content to take your business to the next level of success.

How about giving a new life to your content publishing plans right away?

Reach out to Outreach Monks and see your online marketing campaigns soar!

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