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Tips On Buying Expired Domain without Spam

Buying an expired domain is a great way to take advantage of the old domain’s reputation and to considerably reduce your start-up time. Imagine if, by some stroke of luck, you were able to buy eBay’s domain and open up your own e-commerce platform with that domain as opposed to starting one up from new, the benefits are obvious. However, the world is imperfect and buying high-powered domains with obvious credibility and potential isn’t simple. There are hundreds of thousands of more failed domains or domains used exclusively for reasons relating to spam than there are reputable and trustworthy domains.

This need of weeding out terribly expired domains from the good ones is why SERPchampion has expired domains and has become the #1 choice among buyers of expired domains. Many expired domains have expired for a good reason: Google has recognized they are spam mongers and have penalized them accordingly. This means that all of the links pointing towards and away from that website have minimal power in the grand scheme of the Internet.

Spam-checking domains is an exhausting and time-consuming process. This usually requires the use of paid tools to analyze what’s going on underneath the hood of a website.

Parts of this process include but are not limited to:

Using Wayback Machine

Use the website Wayback Machine to check out the website during various stages of its lifetime. The important thing to check is the first snapshots of the domain. These give you an insight into the domain’s original purpose and intent. This is most likely what Google began indexing heavily, and what Google thinks that domain is all about.

Next, go through other various snapshots of the domain. Look for things like site redesigns or any indication that the domain may have already been sold once or more times to another party. This way, you’ll be able to see if the scope or aim of the website has changed over time, as well as if at one point it turned into a website that engaged in poor practices, like stuffing keywords or outright stealing content from other sites.

Check If the Domain Is Penalized by Google

While nobody can know 100% for certain just how penalized by Google a domain is, certain free and paid services can run checks on a domain for you to see if they have any telltale signs of being penalized on Google’s search results.

A reason a website may become penalized is if the site was previously employing bad SEO practices meant to mislead search engines, was previously a site for adult content, or did any of the other big no-no’s to Google like duplicating content, deceptive anchor text, or spammy use of popular search terms.

Buying a penalized website is like choosing a lame horse. You simply aren’t going to win the race.

Seek Outside Help

Because spam or bad practices aren’t always easy to detect, buying pre-vetted domains from vendors is a great way to find quality expired domains. The price will be higher than if you had just outright bought the domain yourself. But then, you are essentially paying for the time they spent applying their knowledge in researching the site.

Choosing pre-vetted domains can make the process much easier since there’s a lower risk of you buying a bunk domain, assuming you’re buying from reputable vendors.

Buying expired domains isn’t always the key to success, but buying the right expired domains is.

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