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Top 10 Secrets of Parental Control Software That Nobody Will Tell You

Undoubtedly, in present time internet plays a major role in our personal and professional life, but there is a dearth also because it is the medium which maybe would prove as bad for our kids.

It is obligatory for every parent that they should always make an eye on their children activities what they are doing on the internet, but, for checking out the content you need a password, but you do not need to worry.

As a parent, you have to be smart, and protect your child from his or her early age by assessing Parental Control software. It is available for free to download. Now, make an eye on your kids’ activities any of your devices without spending any penny.

1. Monitor call history and logs

As a parent, you are most curious to know whom he/she is dating with or is they are in the safe or bad company. Parent control app is the instant solution to view the complete call history on analyzed call logs in a quick glance of call duration, contact name, outgoing and incoming calls.

2. Watch on text messages

The advantage of using parent control logicel is you can instantly check out the record of your kids mobile whether it was sent, incoming, and outgoing messages. You can even check out the WhatsApp, messengers, and whatever the social platform is.

3. Route browser history

It is common sense that if your kid watches anything wrong he or she might delete them, but as a parent, you can control social apps where you can easily check out the history of browser, and even the current activating app.

4. Oversee download pictures & movies

It is the biggest advantage of the parent with Spyzie because you will easily oversee the downloaded pictures or videos on his or her phone. You can even watch them, and check out what is in it.

5. Route GPS Location

It is a featuring app where you can root the GPS and easily get to know where your children are. The best of Spyzie you can watch your children at your own home where they are and what they are doing.

6. Manage current usage

In this parent control screen time application you can easily watch out the current entities which they are doing that might be calls, messages, videos browsing sites, and whatever is.

7. Scrutinize calendar activities

In Spyzie software, all the reminders, memos and voice notes are available on the dashboard where you can easily view the data. This will always keep you informed about the targeted device.

8. Scan WhatsApp

Today the most usable app is WhatsApp so every parent wants to make an eye on their child WhatsApp because that is the place where they are connected with their friends and family members.

9. No root files needed

Thinking about rooting device and jailbreak the iPhone is a wastage of time because it is an application which you just need to download and create your account.

10. Protect kids

There is no doubt to say that on the Internet lots of applications available which giving you the same facility, but Spyzie is one of the trusted and most usable application where you just enter the tracker ID and protect your children.


Every parent has a trust in their children but we can’t trust the society so it is best to make an eye on your children because it is not a bad thing. Protecting your children is your duty so do always best with the help of Spyzie.

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