Alexa rank graph upside down

Alexa traffic Ranking analysis Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the peoples have misconceptions about alexa ranking. They don’t know how alexa works . A few times ago I have also shared tips for  how to improve alexa ranking quickly of your blog.

In this post I will write answer to some frequently asked question about alexa ranking.

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1) Why alexa ranking is important for any blog?

A good alexa ranking is the first choice for advertisers. To be honest they simply don’t know much about alexa rank and how it works. But alexa has really created an image in their mind. So whether you agree or not for making revenue from your blog, you need to have good alexa ranking.

2) What is alexa ranks and how it works?

how to increase alexa rank blog
Improve Alexa rank of your blog

This is the first question came in everyone’s mind. Alexa has not revealed how it works exactly. It has only shown that it collects data from alexa toolbar and many other factor. I have written a full guide on What is alexa and how it works? . This post will answer all your queries regarding alexa ranking system.

3) How to improve alexa ranking of your blog?

How to improve Alexa rankingNow you know how alexa traffic system works. The next step is how you can improve your blog alexa rank. The first important thing is to have alexa toolbar in your browser and in your blog. Giving backlinks to alexa is also a good way to improve alexa rank. You can read this post : How to improve alexa ranking quickly

4) Is there any tool available for improving alexa rank automatically?

Yes, some tool are there in the market, but I recommend not to use them. Although I was able to improve my alexa rank from these tool. When I stopped using it my alexa then dramatically goes on increasing.

Alexa Boostup Tool TechGeekers
Alexa Boostup Tool TechGeekers

You can check about Improving alexa rank with alexa boost up tool free

5) Why does my website’s Alexa ranking keep going up and down frequently?

Your blog is a runner or competitor in millions of website present in the world. One moment you lost your grip other will overtake your blog alexa ranking. The internet website is a dynamic environment. Alexa provides rank for your blog in terms of traffic.

6) How much time it takes alexa to update a blog’s alexa ranking?

Alexa ranking is updated once in every day. If you have good alexa rank then you will see less fluctuations in your alexa ranking.

7) Why do Alexa’s traffic rank graphs appear to be upside down?

Alexa rank graph upside down

Your blog alexa rank means how much websites are ahead of you. So smaller the number, better is your alexa ranking.  If Y axis in your blog graph in alexa increased in time then it means your alexa rank has improved over time.  The last thing is it is not showing you website traffic but your alexa rank. Both are opposite in number.

8) Is alexa rank a good indicator of traffic to the web site?

Well this is the most difficult question to answer in this faq. Because whatever I am going to say here is not always true. So I have analyzed it and made some points. This will clear your doubts

  • A Good website (i.e. having large amount of pageviews) doesn’t necessarily have Good alexa ranking.
  • If a website has Alexa rank under 50,000 for a longer period, then it definitely mean that this website is getting good traffic.
  • In simple terms alexa traffic is equivalent to blogging related alexa traffic.

9) What is the best alternative for  Alexa?

No, there is no site in the world which will provide information for all sites in the web. Although there are some sites which provides some data about ranking but they are on country basis. They only provide information for a country specific site.  This is the one part of the story.

The other part is,

Each measurement tool has some specific tool for analyzing information about site. Each tool has its own strength and limitation. The famous tool is Quantcast . Other tool is DoubleClick Ad Planner by Google. But the truth is they get updated after a long time. Plus point is both tool are capable of providing you information about traffic and audience demographics and interest.

10) Can I delete my alexa account?

If you are not using paid subscription plan of alexa then you cannot delete it. In paid subscription you can delete your alexa website account.

11) Is it possible to filter site outside some rank?

Yes, this is possible in alexa advance search option. You can filter sites by country, language, categories, rank etc.

  • Go to the search page
  • click on the “Advanced Search” link
  • Then set the traffic rank to One rank limit to another limit.

I hope all your doubts related to alexa ranking would have cleared now. If you have other doubts then please let me know. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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