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How Has Technology Revolutionized Education ?

The world is changing, and education must change along with it. Many schools are aware of this fact and are trying to restructure their activities in accordance with the opportunities offered by new technologies. Gradually a paper routine leaves the schools, giving way to electronic data tools. Universities realized that technology can be a catalyst for improving the educational process. If many people are pleased to use gadgets, why shouldn’t we make them an educational tool?

With the Internet introduction, an education has undergone significant changes that have influenced both the approach to teaching as well as teaching methods in educational institutions. That is to say, owing to the technology revolution, a new education system is emerging.

The modern information technology introduction in the field of education afford an opportunity to qualitatively change the methods and organizational forms of education, making it more comfortable and affordable.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are a major part of the process of education modernizing. ICT is a variety of devices and methods for processing information, primarily – computers with the necessary software and telecommunications facilities along with the information placed on them. They make it possible to realize remote communication between teachers and students.

The information technology usage in education ensures the effective identification of the student’s individuality, his/her cognitive processes, individual qualities, the formation of mental abilities. A computer using forms requirements under which the learner wants to learn, becomes personally interested in, in order to perceive, rather than reject, the educating influence.

The emergence and widespread of multimedia technologies and the Internet make it possible to use information technologies as a means of communication, education, and integration into the world community. The essence of the new integrated concept of information technology in education is the realization of the potential of information technology for the personality-oriented formation of participants in the teaching process: students and teachers. Information educational environments provide an opportunity to implement a significant part of the capabilities of modern technology into the educational process.

The traditional classroom in most of today’s schools is equipped with the most “standard set”, which includes: regular inconvenient desks, which prevent students’ assiduity, blackboards for visual perception of information written by chalk and also often not sufficient for fuller understanding, except the most elementary.

And depending on the cabinet’s belonging to any subject or discipline, it is equipped with all kinds of posters that carry indirect or elementary information, for example, the periodic table in chemistry or all sorts of formulas in physics. In such a class A student perceives information superficially, although textbooks help him/her slightly to expand his/her horizons.

The technology progress forges ahead. Nowadays, modern information technologies in the field of education is being actively used, specifically equipping modern classes with all the necessary technical equipment that will allow students to receive high-quality, reliable and relevant information on subjects and disciplines.

Personal computers will allow you to find information, perform tasks quickly and efficiently. The perception of the subject improves, thus making the task interesting, important, easy and understandable. Thanks to information technologies, modern teaching methods have become much more informative, as well as the quality of training and the speed of learning a subject or discipline have improved.

Distance Internet education gave a new impulse to modern education. Nowadays, it is not necessary for students to be present in classrooms. Almost all the educational institutions offer online courses for their students. Many schools and colleges are used to offer online assignments, chatting with teachers online, online access to various libraries. All conditions for quality education with the development of skills of independence are created by the emergence and development of technology.

In addition to all mentioned above, the Pro-Papers prepared a review of 5 of the most unusual and interesting innovative technologies in modern education, which have already become a reality.

1.Recorder Pen – a pen that turns handwritten text into printed

At school, students still write most of the information by hand with pencils and ball pens. But at the same time an increasingly prominent part of the homework is performed on the computer. In order to combine these two worlds, an electronic pen Recorder Pen was created, which transforms handwritten text into print text.

2. Interactive desk for schoolchildren of the 21st century

Designer Phelan Miller is the author of interactive school desks that will turn the learning process into an entertaining intellectual game, in which there is a place for both the Internet and ingenuity.

3. iTunes University – lectures in the podcast

Apple has developed and promotes in every way the project iTunes University. It allows to download the best lecturers in the world from iTunes and to listen to them not in a close university audience, but with the help of an audio player anywhere in the world.

4. Robot teacher in Korea

There is no better way to teach children a foreign language than to provide them with a native speaker teacher. Korean school authorities are inviting Americans who live in the US to teach Korean children by communicating with students through a robot.

5. Study Blue

is a special application for smartphones, through which students can share educational information, coordinate with each other to gain knowledge and complete homework. Teachers can also use this program in order to interact with students, give them new materials and check the correctness of the learning of previous ones.

Thus, the introduction of technologies in the field of education completely reformed it and made the process of learning and sharing knowledge interactive and fun spending time.

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