Enhance Your NEET Preparation by Solving These 7 Online Test Series

Students preparing for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test are often overwhelmed by the vastness of the syllabus and frequently get confused about what methodology to adopt in order to score well. While some students focus mostly on studying each and every topic in the syllabus well and invest a lot of time in covering the theoretical concepts, it is recommended that a balance is maintained between studying and practicing. While former is definitely the most crucial part of NEET preparation, the importance of practicing with test series must not be ignored.

Practicing test papers brings about a sense of confidence in students, giving them a better grasp over the syllabus. Practicing rigorously increases the chances of scoring very well in the exam. Students can find a number of online test series which they can subscribe to and find question papers to solve. Here are seven top test series you can follow while you prepare for NEET UG.

1. NEETprep.com

This test series consists of 9 full syllabus online tests and 38 online tests from different sections of the syllabus.

2. Extramarks Test Series

It consists of question papers that simulate the real tests. Analysis and evaluation of the test series are available instantly along with solutions to hard problems and a detailed prognosis of the student’s performance based on which he or she can plan future studies and improve.

3. ALLEN’s Online Major Test Series

One of the leading test series that students may enroll for, this test series is a must-have for any serious candidate to ensure a seamless preparation.

4. Embibe NEET Online Mock Test Series

This test series consists of chapter-wise tests, full syllabus tests, analysis and graphical representation of student’s performance with respect to attempts, success rate and time management.

5. Career Orbits NEET Online Test Series

The online test series consists of tests covering each and every topic from NEET syllabus, evaluation of the test, doubt-clearing and a personalized list of topics and areas to be revised by the student.

6. NOTS NEET Online Test Series

This is a very thorough test series students can follow for further practice. It covers all the topics students should cover to score well in the exam.

7. All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) for NEET / AIIMS

This test series is a must for every student. Aakash test series is one of the toughest but prepares students to crack NEET effortlessly, provided they are serious about it.

With so many test series available online, students might face confusion as to how to manage to extract the maximum benefit out of the resources. It is important to have a schedule, following which, most of the series can be solved for the greatest advantage.

Any preparation, when backed by self-analysis, reduces the chances of error in the main examination. Choosing multiple test series available online will be worth the investment. It will give you an edge over other students who neglect this part of the preparation or are too confident with rote memorizing of text, which is ultimately useless if he or she does not have examination hall skills and confidence required to write a difficult test such as NEET. Solving papers in copious quantities would hone every skill you need to score excellent marks in the final test.

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  • Nice information regarding the online test series, I personally like the online test series course of careerorbits and aakash t, they both provide useful information regarding NEET preparation, I think you should also add toppr name in this list, which is also provide good test series for NEET.