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Why EdTech Has a Bright Future?

Education is one of the main pillars of society’s development and progress.

The education sector needs to be given proper care and attention so that it could easily adjust itself according to the modern standards of the time. The usage of modern technology in the educational sector has become an integral need.

As compared to the other sectors, the changes that we are seeing in education are not progressive enough. However, due to the Covid-19, things have started quickly to change. The rapidly evolving global EdTech landscape is there to fill the gaps.

EdTech has become one of the widely used terms in the education sector. The main goal of educational technology is to facilitate the learning process of students and create a better environment for them. Thus, educational technology is doing its best to improve the quality of education.

Some of the most prominent educational technologies are online learning, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Gamification, Machine learning, and Big data, etc. However, proper attention to these said educational technologies should be given to increase their usefulness.

It should be understood what is EdTech and why it has a bright future, and how it is really useful in creating a better education environment for both students and teachers. In this article, we will try to cover every important thing about EdTech and how it is important.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s start learning.

What is EdTech?

Edtech basically refers to the educational technology that is being used nowadays for facilitating the learning process and improving the quality of education. Other than improving the learning environment, it works on increasing student participation and engagement in the class which is quite necessary.

It also tries solving various education-related concerns and problems. For this purpose, various learning-related software and modern tools are being used. It is not limited to the online learning system rather it is a very vast field that consists of a wide array of digital products, services, tools, and hardware to fulfill the required educational goals.

EdTech encompasses everything ranging from the basic use of computers for teaching students to grading assignments & quizzes, informal mobile learning applications, entire online educational platforms, augmented & virtual reality techniques, and gamification, etc.

Thus, In simple words, EdTech can be defined as that it uses the latest technology and tools for the improvement of the education sector. It can also be defined as that EdTech applies digital technology to offer a new kind of learning infrastructure that is more useful and beneficial for both students and teachers.

Why EdTech is getting attention?

Some individuals whether EdTech has a bright future or not. Well, they would be surprised to know after reading the advantages being offered by this new breed of technology and how important it is.

The EdTech industry is capable of fulfilling the modern education-related demands of the 21st century. The usage of the internet, presentations, and the latest tools are proof that Edtech is slowly founding its place in the education sector. Because of the technology, we are able to see a lot of effective and engaging tools for the teachers and students.

There are many key factors that are driving EdTech such as the Covid-19 pandemic, modern-day educational challenges, and the trend of going for digitization. These key factors have increased the demand for using the latest educational tools.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the problems and flaws present in our current educational system. This pandemic has significantly changed the way we used to teach and learn. The traditional tools such as blackboards, televisions, slide projectors, etc. which were used earlier in the classroom are no longer a viable solution anymore.

The global pandemic has increased the need of utilizing better technology tools to overcome modern-day challenges which the educational sector is facing. Thus, Covid-19 has become a prominent reason behind the sudden popularity of educational technology.

Just like any other field, the educational sector is also facing new challenges that need to be addressed carefully. Some of the most prominent challenges are accessibility, expensiveness, quality of education in remote areas, and corporate training, etc. it is being believed that with the use of the latest education technology, these challenges can be taken care of.

A new digitization era has just begun. Everyone is trying to digitize his business as it offers a significant amount of advantages. The main advantages being offered by digitalization are that it reduces manual processes, improving results, and is more productive and efficient. It is necessary for the educational systems to follow this trend too in which EdTech can definitely help a lot.

Why EdTech is important?

It would not be wrong to say that EdTech is successfully reinventing the approaches of collaborating and learning. It is also somehow shrinking the accessibility gaps and long-standing equity to make education easily available for all learners. Furthermore, it is also becoming a reliable source of building a strong relationship between teachers and students.

Other than expanding the teaching practices, it also works on accelerating and amplifying them. The current educational scenario is rapidly changing thanks to the use of the latest educational tools.

The traditional educational system is comparatively inefficient yet expensive for most of the students. Some other prominent positive impacts on the education sector we are observing nowadays thanks to Edtech are that it has significantly boosted productivity and efficiency whereas costs have been reduced.

EdTech allows teachers, parents, and students to have and use a number of online learning tools. Because of the immersive technology tools, it is possible for teachers to engage the students in an immersive and innovative way. Due to the more immersive learning environment, students are easily understanding and digesting information.

Because of the EdTech, we are able to fully enjoy the privileges and benefits being offered by data science. By easily manipulating and analyzing tons of available data, teachers can easily learn more about their students. They can learn the weak and strong points of their students and thus, they can improve their learning methodologies.

Thanks to EdTech, teachers now have access to a number of useful tools which they can utilize for grading assignments & quizzes and devising better study plans for students.

The conclusion is that the need of utilizing EdTech in the coming years has significantly increased. The Covid-19, modern educational challenges, and the requirement of producing efficient yet cheap results have increased our dependency on EdTech.

Business companies have started investing a tremendous amount of money in educational technologies.  According to HolonIQ, the investment in educational technology will easily reach $10 trillion by 2030. So, from this point of view, the future of EdTech looks quite promising.

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