5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Hello friends, these days Social Media is a part of SEO. It is not confirmed but many SEO specialists claim that Google uses social signals as a ranking factor. Besides, that you can also increase your sale with the help of social media platforms.

So, here in this article, I will talk about 5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement. There are plenty of articles available on the internet, but here in this article, I am going to talk about only those methods which are working very well.

Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement:

1.Make Use of Free Social Media Listening/Monitoring Tools 

If your brand is performing well on social media platforms. Then, you are on the right track. These days two out of three peoples use social media. So, if you want to increase your sale and boom your brand Then, you must know what is going on social media about your brand.

But social media is too big.

How can you track down peoples?

It is very easy.

There are some powerful tools, which can do this very easily.

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You are surprised to learn that there are plenty of free tools that can accomplish this task. And the most powerful tool is the most powerful company. Yes, “Google alert”. You can perform the different type of works with the help of google alert.

Suppose you want to know when someone talks about your brand or even someone searches for your products on Google. Or any blogger puts an article related to your company or product. You will get a mail from Google, Even if someone commented something about your product. Isn’t cool?

There are some other tools too available on the internet. But I prefer Google’s alert.

  1. Be Visual 

According to a research On social media, Images and Infographics perform thousand times better than any text you type. As on social media, people don’t want to read something. They, like to watch videos and Images.

If you don’t have knowledge of graphics. The, I will suggest you hire an infographics designer because it costs you a lot for small orders. you can also use freelancing site for infographics. However, you can also use these to increase engagements:

  • Behind the scenes shot of a new product
  • Highlighting team members
  • Old photos of team members, such as when they were children or previous brand logos
  • Asking followers to add a caption to an image
  • Asking followers to share your image in action
  • Holding a photo contest
  • Sharing images from an industry event
  • Create cool and easy infographics with free tools. The easy way for me to crank out a bunch for cheap.
  1. Show Your Personality

If you want to build a brand. You need a personality a face which can represent your company. Means a face to which people can believe. But, If you don’t have the budget. There is an alternative. Share some good case studies, Good knowledge. Build a faith in your viewers. And when they start to believe on you. Then, present your company to them.

Never, talk too much about your company. Let the users talk and comment about your company. Never, praise yourself. Admire other good peoples. This will create a belief in visitors that a good man can only follow a good man.

  1. Include Games, Contests, and Giveaways

This is another big and fast way to increase your engagements. No matter how much human develops but one trait never changes. And that is the anyone can do anything to get something for free.

Besides contests and giveaways, you can also use games to get your audience more active.

There are different types of posts on social media about, how are your best Facebook friends?

and posts like this?

and you wonder how it can help you. Suppose someone does the quiz and shares the result on his timeline and this will create a chain and people will like your page and site. and they will search for your products.

5.Use emojis as prompts.

Try to use visually. Means you can use emoji to increase engagements. According to a research it makes people read the content.

For example, if you share something humorous, include the laughing emoji in your post. And when anyone will scroll to your post, and saw the funny emoji they will like your article for sure.

6.Ask for a specific reaction.

Another trending method is to ask demand answers in terms of certain reactions. Cannot understand? Let me explain:

Suppose recently Google launches It new phone pixel 2xl and apple also launches the iPhone X. So, you can create an image and ask your viewers to react with love for pixel 2xl and wow reaction for iPhone X.

So, here is the 5 ways to increase the engagement on social media. I hope that you like the article and these methods will help your business. If you have any question please comment below.

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