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4 Tips to Marketing to Your Instagram Followers

Since the creation of Instagram, the platform has developed into the best photo sharing network on the web. There are close to one billion active users on Instagram, with over 65 million photos being posted every day. There are also numerous brand influencers who use the site along with their massive number of followers. With a strategic plan in place, you too have the potential of launching a highly influential brand on Instagram. You must post engaging content to remain relevant to your current followers while attracting in some new ones. Here are some four easy tips for marketing to your Instagram followers.

1. Switch To Business Profiles

Before you even create your marketing plan, the first step is to ensure that you are using a business account. It is quite easy to change a profile to the business profile, as it is conveniently found in the settings section. Making this transition is essential as it allows followers to contact you directly from your page similar to what they would do from your main website. Now you are ready to purchase Instagram followers while also accessing the business analytics tools, called Insights, which provide statistics about the reach and impression of all your posts.

2. Take Advantage of Instagram Insights

Through Instagram Insights, business pages can view various statistics like engagement data and impressions and so much more. This free tool can even give you information about your followers, including critical data on their gender, age, location and even their most active time on the app. Additionally, you can also get specific insights for the week to learn the number of impressions you gained in that duration and even what your best posts were. Using these free and insightful tools is priceless since they help you to understand how your followers interact with your Instagram content, allowing you to modify your posts better to increase engagement.

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3. Use Product Teasers to Inspire Consumers to Buy

Did you know that you have the potential of selling more products by posting some product teaser content on Instagram? This photo sharing platform is an excellent place for advertising your products or services. If you do it strategically, you will not annoy your audience or even scare them using generic advertisements, either. Product teasers involve talking about your product to increase excitement about it while making it less of an advert. The teasers work since they are not very pushy. They give users discounts and seem worth the investment for consumers.

4. Use Instagram Ads

The best benefit of using sponsored ads on Instagram is that you get full control over how much to spend running these ads by creating a budget. Additionally, you can choose between using a single sponsored advert or running multiple ads. It offers brands the chance to target a wider audience as the adverts are visible to everyone in that target audience and not just your followers. For these sponsored adverts, aim to use engaging and appealing content to grow your audience. You can even convert your best posts into ads the best results.