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How to Multiply Engagement on your Instagram Profile

Instagram, one of the most popular and fascinating social platforms with over 2 billion active users worldwide has the most engaging users and has been able to outrun twitter respectively. There are many types of Instagrammers we can see on Instagram from all around the world using it for entertainment purposes, promoting their businesses and interacting with similar-minded communities. You can use many services like free Instagram followers with no human verification to increase your followers base before promoting related services.

Certainly, a lot of people are struggling to increase and grow the engagement rate of their existing audience and the number of followers on their page and honestly, it isn’t easy.

Followers aren’t bought or forced, they are earned.

So, here’s a ‘To-do list’ you ought to follow for the same:

1. Keep the page to ‘Public’

The first thing to do is to keep your profile to ‘Public’ so as to ensure maximum engagement from every type of audience. You won’t be able to gather followers until you provide access to your page uninterruptedly.

2. Use relevant and popular hashtags

Use popular hashtags, as long as they are relevant to the type of media you post. You can’t just use ‘#amazing’ on a post conveying the disease of a person. So that’s how it works.

Hashtags are one of the best ways to gain a new audience. People usually search up the hashtags in which their interests lie. This lets them view your posts and hopefully like or comment on them, or even follow your page if they give it a look.

Some of the popular hashtags are #love, #tbt, #amazing, #cool, #yummy #foodporn, #dogsofinstagram, including many more. Use them and attract the correct audience. Most importantly, don’t use hashtags unnecessarily and countlessly, which is probably going to appear as a long caption and people usually don’t even bother reading those.


3. Posting media regularly

Posting one post in three days won’t gear up your profile.

You need to be active on Instagram and post photos or videos regularly and at the appropriate time. Well, you don’t expect your audience to keep you engaged, do you? You have to do the same to them instead.

Keep your content limited and engaging. Don’t just post all day because doing that won’t get you more followers. You can use free Instagram followers with no human verification for instantly gaining lots of followers. Posting multiple times, would probably just spam your follower’s news feed with your posts and trust me, that’s really annoying.

So, be regular with a perfect combination of 2 posts a day and avoid being hyperactive.

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4. Reply to comments

Don’t just reply to comments but make sure what you say over there is authentic, genuine and a sweet reply. Harsh comments are likely to get your page burned down.

Ensure that your replies are up to the mark keeping your audience engaged and interested in what you say. You should have the power to bring back that commenter in the chat on that post. This will increase the comments on your post as well as gain a lifetime follower.

Replying with a comment that puts an end to the talk like ‘thanks’, is definitely not recommended. Enthusiasm and the desire to talk is a must.

5. Ask Questions/ Call to Action


The best way to create more active users and engagement on your post is to ‘Ask Questions’. They are most likely to get your followers answer the question on your post when they see it.

For example: Posting a picture of two watches, and popping a question asking “which one’s better”?

I’d definitely comment.

Ask for their opinion on a certain topic or just ask them about what they’re going to do this coming weekend. The question should just keep them engaged and compatible with the type of profile you own. Just ask for help, ask anything relevant.

Another part of this move is directly appealing to your followers to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on the post by stating that ‘Double tap your choice’ or ‘Comment what you think’.

Moreover, regardless of what you ask, people just feel a personal touch with your page when you try to interact with them through your media. Remember that.

6. Using ‘Stories’ and ‘Multiple photos’

Some users have even noticed that the engagement on their page has significantly increased with the use of the new addition of Instagram that allows you to put a ‘story’ in your feed.

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Another advantage of this option is that you might get featured on the ‘Explore’ page. This depends upon the posts you like, the accounts you follow and the selection process of the Instagram administrator.

Multiple photos are really useful when you can’t express the motive of a particular post with just one picture. People can just swipe through one picture to know everything about that specific post. Easier than ever.

7. Holding Contests

Do ‘this’ and you can earn a free ‘giveaway’

Do ‘this’ and you get a chance to participate in ‘this’ contest

Similarly, you have to power to drive more audience and followers to your profile by giving them a chance to win things. Just hit the caption with an attractive, appealing and wonderful offer, and it is even better if you can collaborate with various business ventures and influencers.

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Just organise a contest for some days with your partners and share each other’s followers.

Follow this list and you’ll surely notice changes in your audience’s reaction on your page and the risen-up popularity of your page.

Here’s just one more tip.

Avoid using bots to increase followers or likes. They’re most probably going to get you banned forever. Better late than never.