Social Media Marketing Trends You Must Know For The Year 2018

At the beginning of a new year, everyone takes some resolutions. 2018 has arrived, and you might have started the New Year with the significant decisions to make this year more successful in your professional life.

If you are a marketer, then there is no need to say how important it is to follow the new trends of Social Media. The unbeatable growth of Social Media has made it an essential tool for the Businesses.

Social Media Marketing Trends You Must Know For The Year 2018 1

In fact, regardless of their size, nature, and demography, the companies are utilizing this valuable marketing tool. But before allocating your time and resources on Social Media marketing, you must ensure what is ahead.

Social Media trends that will dominate this year:

How do you plan on socializing in 2018?

How will you reach the targeted audience more effectively?

What will be the new trends you need to follow in the year 2018?

Well, there was no shortage of changes in the Social Media industry in the year 2017. Actually, we cannot predict what Social Media changes happen in the next coming years. But still last year we were sure about some changes in the Social Media marketing (SMM wave )landscape. We saw the numerous significant stories on Social Media that included:

  • Changes in consumer preferences
  • Brand opportunities
  • New features

As of today, the Social Media is the number one marketing platform for the Businesses today. If you are planning to start promoting your brand and name on Social Media, then there is a lot more you need to know. The success of Social Media marketing lies in the correct mix of fruitful strategies.

Let’s take a look at few Social Media trends that will work in the year 2018:

Live streaming will continue to grow:

Facebook understand how vital it is to stay connected to the audience. So they started a new feature that allows you to live stream. You will argue that the live streaming feature dominated in the previous year. Yes, it is true, but it will continue to grow in this year as well. Most of the people prefer the video content rather than reading a blog.

They find it more interesting to watch a live video from a brand as they think that there will be something significant discussed. Through live streaming, you can do a Q&A session for your followers. It also gives you a chance to provide better customer support to the clients as it is not enough to buy real Instagram followers or Facebook followers. You can give a better demo of your product through live streaming.

Social e-commerce:

There was a point when no one could even think of buying and selling things using the internet. But the time proved that nothing is impossible. So the Businesses now get a lot of benefits by selling goods online. You may find it exciting to know that the Social Media is the second most favorable network people use to visit when they want to buy something online. All the leading Social Media platforms allow their users to purchase products using their apps.

Social listening:

It is not new to the Social Media, but it will have increased importance in 2018. The use of Social Media platforms should not be confined to having a few accounts on leading Social Media platforms. In fact, you have to listen what others are saying about your brand. It is highly essential to know what customers think of your brand and what your competitors think. It is a kind of feedback that tells where your brand stands today.

You must know whether people are complaining about your brand or they are lavishing praise. If you are getting complaints, then you must have to respond immediately because when they are talking to or about you, they want to get a response.

Influencer marketing:

Your designated influencer will reflect your brand, so you need to choose it wisely. Many marketers believe that influencer marketing has become dead now, but in reality, it still exists and will continue to grow in 2018.

The Social Media marketing trends will continue to grow in this and the coming years.

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