The importance of digital marketing opposed to traditional marketing

When it comes to business, a marketing plan plays a very important role in the subsequent success of its’ products and services. The marketing of a business’ products and services will be the first and most important step in a business’ success.

A business that has marketed their products and services to all potential buyers will most likely enjoy profits and success. Conversely, a business with a poor marketing plan will only expect losses and worse, bankruptcy. Thus, companies must always ensure that the marketing of their products and services must be well-thought and executed.

Now, in this generation of high-technology, the question of whether digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing has always been debated upon. Lots of business moguls and experts have always shared their opinion on whether they prefer the latter over the former.

If you are also one of those people who is questioning the importance of the emerging digital marketing over the traditional marketing, then allow us to share with you our thoughts.

First of all, both digital and traditional marketing are effective methods to promote the products and services of a company. Since time immemorial, traditional marketing has always been the only effective method to let potential customers and clients know about a company’s products and services. Newspapers, magazines, business cards, posters, streamers, and tarpaulins, name it, all businesses have tried promoting their products and services through this kind of marketing strategies.

And as time passed by, radios and televisions were invented, they were then used as mediums to promote products and services. And ever since then, all of these mediums formed what we all know as traditional marketing. Then suddenly, the internet was introduced, and along with it, came the birth of digital marketing. Simply put, anything that is promoted on the internet is classified as digital marketing. Whether through emails, social network mentions, video advertisements, search engine advertisements, anything that is promoting on the internet is called digital marketing.

Now, to answer the question on why digital marketing is more advantageous than traditional marketing, then here are two top reasons.

1. Cost

When companies advertise their products and services, costs and expenses are naturally incurred. And in this aspect, digital marketing beats traditional marketing by a large margin. In traditional marketing, companies have to pay for talents to represent and present their products, pay radio stations and televisions for their advertisement’s airtime, pay reporters and writers to write good things about their products and services on their prints. On the other hand, digital marketing only needs access to the internet and other websites in order for a company to present their products and services. As long as a company has access to the Internet, the advertising and promotion potential of their products are virtually unlimited and of course at a lot less expensive compared to traditional marketing.

2. Audience Reach

In traditional marketing, the reach of the advertisement of a company will be at most at the national level, meaning, the promotion won’t be able to reach international audience and clients. On the other hand, digital marketing will allow the company to promote and advertise their products to people all over the world. As long as people have access to the internet, the advertisements will eventually pop on their screens and the user will eventually know about the company’s products and services.

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