Top Tabletop decoration Ideas

Different types of decorations are used for tabletops. These add beauty, style, colour and life. With so many choices to make between the varieties of different items available, this is a daunting task. To make this less problematic and more enjoyable, a number of decoration ideas are given, which can be used while searching for and deciding upon decor accessories at Urban Ladder

Types of Decorations and their Placement

Deciding on the types and combinations of decoration is crucial. This will depend on the type of table, where it is located and the purpose for which it is being used.

For a dining table, which is used regularly, candlelight holders or tea light holders can be used.

Top Tabletop decoration Ideas 1For a side table, this includes any combination of decoratively and intricately carved trays, boxes, bowls, canisters and figurines, photograph frames filled with meaningful photographs, dainty candle light holders and tea light holders and elegant lanterns kept as single pieces or in sets. They are placed on one side or in the middle to fill the whole table. Different shapes, sizes, patterns and materials are mixed to give an interesting look and draw your attention to the unique combination created.

Items include the following Varieties and Types

Trays: They can be placed as single pieces or in sets, which act as platforms on which other complementary decorations can be placed, giving rise to unique and quirky arrangements that are lively, personal and nostalgic all at the same time.

Boxes: They make any tabletop fun, lively and personal.

Figurines: A single piece can add a touch of elegance to a tabletop.

Photograph Frames: There are different styles to choose from. These add a sense of warmth, a more personal touch and well a sense of belonging.

Candle Light Holders and Tea Light Holders: These include holders in different materials, shapes and designs and when lit, they produce a wonderful glow and pattern.

Lanterns and Lantern Sets: Beautifully elegant lanterns can light up any room. Conveniently placed on a tabletop anywhere, they make evenings really special.

Canisters and Canister Sets: Canisters can add an element of warmth and sleek design. They are placed in sets or as single items. They are also filled with various things to add a texture, a burst of colour or simply a sense of style and elegance.

Bowls: They look really pretty and are left empty or filled with items that complement and enhance their beautiful design.

The Cost

The costs of items range from about four thousand rupees to three thousand rupees and any amount can be spent depending on likes, requirements and specific needs of the space in in which the table is located as well as the shape, type and finish of the tabletop.

The Final Selection

The final decision is now much easier to make by taking all the ideas into account. But as always, in addition to these, following your instinct and being able to give a tabletop your own personal touch is equally important.

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