NBA 2K18: New uniform featured in the game

Recently new uniforms from the City Edition lineup have been released.

According to nike, in a way to represent the uniqueness of team and its city and to represent the past and present of the clubs while also positioning them for the future, the City Edition Uniform are here which gives us the insight and emotions of the court to the upper deck to cities’ streets.

The NBA fans have already gone through the uniform, now what’s left for them is to assess how they look like inside the game.

Newly designed uniform for Atlanta Hawks features novel lettering and unique color that’s contrasts with a black backdrop. Similarly Boston Celtics have diverged from their old green and white combination and have taken up green and gray.

Brooklyn’s Nets haven’t changed much in their threads while there is a blend of franchise’s signature with the nickname” buzz city” by Charlotte’s Hornets.C:\Users\HP\Desktop\NBA2K18\images (1).jpg

Chicago Bulls uniform this time is seeing a major change, quite different from its old one. Cleaveland Cavaliers’ uniform highlights their team motto “Defend the land”.

Denver Nuggets are sporting their new logo on the uniform while Denver Mavericks have come up with neon element in their uniform.

Detroit Pistons are influencing on the motor city. The Golden City Warriors are glorifying the Chinese culture which is showcased by the bay area being influenced by the City Edition Uniforms.

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Indiana Pacers’ uniform is similar to its older days and Los Angeles Clippers’ are honoring their franchise’ history by a new uniform, all these can be used by the NBA players.

The Los Angeles Lakers are using their City Edition Uniforms to acknowledge all those legends that have played with them. The Memphis Grizzles uniform has creatively used the Memphis sanitation workers strike of 1968.

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The Milwaukee Bucks have presented a unique blend of their cream city elements with their menacing buck logo and Minnesota Timberwolves are showing off the wolf logo in their uniform.

New Orleans is known for the carnival of Mardi grass and this is evident in the uniforms of New Orleans Pelicans. The Oklahoma City Thunders’ uniform is imaging its game style.

The Orlando Magic uniform has turned slightly bold this year with their dark blue color representing the stars in the background. Philadelphia 76ers are rejoicing great American history in their uniform with blue white and red color. Guys meanwhile, you can learn the working nba 2k18 vc glitch to earn quick vc’s in 2k18.


Portland Trailblazers which is also known by the name Rip City is ready for the game with their new uniform and the Phoenix Suns are paying tribute to the members of the Hispanics community with their new jerseys.

Sacramento Kings have come up with the inspiration from the past and implied it in their threads. The camouflage print is used by the San Antonio’s Spurs to honor and acknowledge the sacrifice of the servicemen and servicewomen of USA’s armed force.

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USA’s natural beauty has been drawn down to the uniforms of Utah Jazz and Washington Wizards are displaying their pride of DC in their uniforms.


NBA 2k18 players need to be more patient for the City Edition Uniforms of Miami Heats, New York Nicks, Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets

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