How to turn your old Smartphone into a CCTV camera

The changing of smartphones every couple of years has become a trend these days since the phone gets old due to the fast advancement in technology. From Aavaya Telephone System to modern smartphone, the journey has been quite amazing. Even the selling of the phones does not fetch much money according to the cost price of the old phone.

So, people have started to us these in a quite different way.

The phone can be used to make it in to a Samsung CCTV (closed circuit television) by installing an app and connecting it to another device for the storage purposes. The security reasons have the topmost priority these days due to the fraud and other criminal activities which have grown in the recent times to a great extent.

The camera preinstalled can be used for the recording purposes and the phone should be connected to another phone or a tablet or even PCs for the storage. The size of the recording will be a big amount so the user has to clear the storage on a day to day basis. Even the user can connect the storage to the cloud so the problem of clearing data everyday could be solved.

The process can be executed by following some simple steps and installing a single on both devices to ensure the constant, non-stop recording. Many people have tried several other methods but this has got higher efficiency.

Some people have tried to install apps from the Google Playstore but nothing has been found to boast of. Panasonic PBX is a great phone system for business in Kenya. Same is the result in case of Apple store, where people have downloaded many apps involving the cctv camera footage but of no avail. Most of them turned out to be fake and others crashed but few moments of time.

So, today we are going to discuss about a new method to record a full day using an old smartphone and another device to store the footage.

Now, for this method to work quite well, it should have a constant wifi connection and a charger near to it. This will be done with the help of an app known as AtHome Video Streamer on the old smartphone and AtHome Monitor app on the device used for storage.

So, we have to follow the following steps:

  • Download and install the AtHome Video Streamer (available both on Android and iOS) on the old smartphone.

  • Download and install the AtHome Monitor app (available both on Android and iOS) on the device in which the user wants to receive the recording by the camera and this will be the device which will be working as the storage device.
  • On the recording phone and the viewing device both, launch the respective apps and the AtHome video streamer will generate a unique ID of connection known as Connection ID along with the username and password.
  • The username and password will be used to monitor the recording or the cctv feed, which gets stored in the device. This can also be done by scanning the QR code, since it saves a nice amount of time.
  • If the user is using a Windows desktop then the app to be downloaded and installed is AtHome Camera desktop client and then the user can use the app quite perfectly.

The app is moreover packed with many features like scheduled recording or taking snapshots as per the situation demands. The quality in which the recording is stored is in SD MP4 quality, better than most of other cctv cameras like Dahua CCTV Dubai .

But the whole storage of the recording in a day can take up to almost 5GB.

So, the user definitely needs to clear the storage on a daily basis. The other apps which can be downloaded are Manything in case of iOS devices and IP Webcam in case of Android devices.

So, as a whole, we can use our old smartphones as cctv cameras and make a good use of it.

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