Detailed description of mAadhaar App Features

Aadhar Card is a document that holds the utmost importance at the moment in our country because of various reasons. Firstly it is the unique identification number that is assigned to every citizen, and secondly, it also acts as a proof of citizenship. Now, we need to have the downloaded version too which can be done via the new app created by UIDAI. In this article we will talk about the mAadhar app and its features:

mAadhar App

This is an app developed by UIDAI for common people to have an outlet to access details of Aadhar card, make changes when necessary and also regarding Aadhar Card Status and updates. This will hold all your information listed on the Aadhar card and only you will be able to access them. The only requirement for using this application is a smartphone that can connect to a powerful internet connection.

Features of mAadhar App

There are several features of this application which make it even more useful for the people. They are:

Convenience Mode

The best feature or benefit of this app is that you can now carry your Aadhar card in your pocket everywhere without actually having to risk carrying the real one. You have the number and the details on your smartphone if they are needed anytime.


This is another way to make the whole process safer than it already is, i.e., when an OTP is sent via SMS, someone can track it, but when it is time-based, there is no one way one person will be able to take it from you. This will make the login process much safer than the previous methods.

Biometric Details

This is a great step since one person’s biometric details doesn’t match with someone else’s so you can never hack into another profile. This increases the level of security since you will set the lock with your detail like a scan of your iris or fingerprint. You can also disable this feature if you don’t want to unlock it that way.

Updating or Correction:

Since new updates are introduced all the time to correct the features and include better security, it is essential to keep the card updated. Now, this app will help you do the same at one single stop. You will also be able to change your image or update the way the data is shown.

eKYC and QR codes

You will be able to upload your KYC documents online through this app, and they will be updated much faster than when done manually. You can also share your QR code via this app.

You can always choose an alternative for the updating process of your Aadhar card such as the website or the app for MyLifeJobs. This app offers you the facility to have updates, make corrections and also get details about any upcoming changes in your Aadhar Card details.

This is everything that you must know about the features of the mAadhar app. There will be updates, but the already included features are very useful and mandatory for such an important app.

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