Snovio Review: The Ultimate tool in OutReaching

Every person in the field of marketing, business or sales should know about the various new methods of finding prospects and selling their respective products. Businesses are always busy looking for leads to help gain a reliable customer base. So, it is advisable that in the sector of marketing specialists, sales or business coordination, that people should keep up to date with the latest methods and services to find the people you need to reach.

Such is the new and unique Email verification tool, Snovio, it is a Chrome extension which helps to find new contacts and relevant prospects within a matter of seconds. This tool is very helpful to reach out to many different types of leads that increase their businesses or share their work among others.

Snovio helps to find the contact information within a short span of time and helps to gain access to many emails of various people simultaneously. For example, if anyone wants to have the email addresses of the employees of a particular company, this extension helps us to view them easily in seconds. This extension basically searches the domains of the publicly available email addresses and arranges them in an order to view them easily. In the process helping to obtain a bunch of leads by giving the user access to the email address of all the employees of a specific company or organization.

The main features of Snovio are:

  • Fast access to the email addresses of different employees of a particular company or organization without any problem whilst simultaneously enabling the user to connect to these people and get whole new leads for their specific work.
  • Helps users to gain access to the LinkedIn email addresses of the members of a specific organization. One can easily find and save the emails of any particular profile using the Snovio “Prospect Search Tool” and save the email addresses of that set of employees and get connected to leads.
  • Snovio also has a built-in database of the major companies publicly available email addresses. So, if the user wants to have access to the emails of a particular company, one may easily have access to them through the Snovio company search. Companies like HP, Microsoft, IBM and others are included in the email database and may help the users of the extension find new leads.
  • This extension can also help recruiters and job seekers in their respective work. It can save a lot of time and it will also help them to search and find the companies of a particular criteria using the tools customisable search fields .
  • The Snovio extension always updates itself and it also updates the databases of the email list of the major companies and gives the user the updated list every time there is an addition or an exclusion.
  • The Snovio extension also has the system of hunting company profiles and send mails to the new connected emails of the employees and turn them into potential leads.

Like other websites or extensions, Snovio is free up to a certain limit and after that, the user has to pay an amount to get better deals and larger amounts of leads. This is done so as to give access to the unlimited number of queries to the users of the extension. So, we have given the pricing break down and it is as follows:

  • XS (Free of cost): 100 credits (This includes 100 completely verified LinkedIn emails, 100 domain searches, unlimited domain emails).
  • S ($19 per month): 1000 credits
  • M ($39 per month): 5000 credits
  • L ($79 per month): 25000 credits
  • XL ($139 per month): 50000 credits

So, on the whole we can say that Snovio puts itself up in front of the people as a medium to give access to the email addresses of different employees of a specific organization or a specific profile or domain. Snovio aims to help job seekers, recruiters, sales person or people in any domain by making their job of finding any form of leads or job connections easier.

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