Five ways to celebrate a Green Tech Diwali

Diwali is the festival of light with ultimate joy. It is a great opportunity to get together with family, friends, and neighbors. The celebration gets brighter by lighting the traditional oil diyas that are bio-degradable and cost-effective. You can also use decorative candles, orange peels, and coconut shells as DIY diyas.

Make eco-friendly rangoli designs and use colorful food grains as well as natural colors for your rangoli. If you love to celebrate a Diwali party, use earthenware and biodegradable utensils instead of plastic disposables.

Celebrate a green Diwali this year and go for environment-friendly crackers as it produces less pollution than others. Diwali is an occasion where loved ones exchange gifts to show their happiness and gratitude.

Go green this Diwali and gift your dear ones air purifying plants, kitchen herbs, Tulsi, aloevera, and other eco-conscious gifts. It’s our responsibility to protect nature from pollution and degradation of the environment.

Let’s see the five ways to celebrate a Green Tech Diwali

Light Earthen lamps

On Diwali, houses are lit up with oil lamps and colorful electric lights, candles etc. But our tradition is to lit up the earthen lamps with cotton wicks as it signifies goodness, purity, good luck, and power.

People light millions of lamps to get rid of darkness and they believe that on that day Goddess Lakshmi will visit everyone’s home to offer wealth and prosperity.

Most of them use decorated candles, Diya or clay lamps and put them in front of their houses for the festival. Dazzle up your room with a chain of lights to get a bright and vibrant look.

Use earthen lamps to light up the dark night. Brighten up simple diyas and candles with colors and glitter. You can also dazzle up the room with a chain of lights to get a bright and vibrant look. If you like to light up the floating candles just fill a glass bowl with water and float tea-lights in it.

Make natural rangolis

Rangoli is a way of sharing our food and life with birds and insects. You can make rangolis with rice paste, dry rice flour as it becomes the feast for small ants and little birds. To add extra elegance to the rangoli, make use of natural flowers like roses, lotus, marigold, and chrysanthemum.

Nowadays, floral rangolis are very popular. Diwali is enjoyed best with close ones at home while making rangoli designs and you can involve the kids to give colors. Diwali is time to reunite with your friends and family so decorate the entrance of your home with rangoli and welcome the guests.

Make use of different materials like colored chalk powder, rice powder, rice grains, natural colors, and flower petals. Celebrate this Diwali in a colorful way as beautiful rangolis are a significant part of the auspicious day.

Add diyas, candles, flower petals, tiny lamps, and earthen pots to give extra beauty to the rangoli pattern.

Prepare Delicious homemade sweets

During Diwali, it gives more enjoyment when you make sweets at home and share with your family, friends, and loved ones.

No celebration is complete without sweets so it is a good time to start anything new or positive in life, with some delicious sweets.

One of the all-time favorite recipes for Indians is a Bason Ladoo, it is a popular Ladoo made of gram flour, powdered ghee, and sugar. It is also very to prepare this recipe, just roast the gram flour well till it releases the ghee.

Rasagulla is the famous Indian sweet as it is milk based delicious sweet soaked in sugar syrup. It gives an immense joy while you eat the soft, spongy rasagullas and it is very simple to make at home. Basundi is loved by kids; made of sweet thickened milk, flavored with cardamom and nutmeg. It is an amazing milk based dessert popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Go for Eco-friendly Crackers

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without bursting firecrackers but it causes a lot of noise and air pollution. So it is better to buy eco-friendly crackers. Original sivakasi crackers made with eco-friendly materials. You can also buy these high-quality sivakasi crackers online as the online stores are offering safe products to their customers with extraordinary deals and discounts.

Eco-friendly crackers are made of recycled papers and do not have as many chemicals as normal firecrackers. It’s our responsibility to create awareness among the public about these amazing products, and this is the only way to make a pollution-free environment.

Glow sticks give a bright sparkle and it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. At Diwali night, they create an enjoyable mood and add more fun.

This type of crackers produces colorful sparks with less noise and smoke. Bursting crackers makes the air hazy and the streets are polluted with the wastes of the crackers after Diwali. The eco-friendly crackers will not produce huge damage to the environment and the chance of pollution is very low.

Use re-cycled decorative items

Diwali is a festival of light and colors. You can enhance the look of your home and decorate with the recycled items. People decorate their homes and surroundings with diyas, Diwali candles, and Diwali lights. You can make use of old newspaper and make beautiful lanterns out of it.

This could make your house look very elegant and attractive. It is possible to make torans for home decoration by using cardboard and handmade paper.

The recycled jar lanterns can be kept at the focal point for your home decoration for this Diwali. The card sheet lanterns are easy to make and can be made by kids too. For this, just pull out your old card sheets and make a lantern in different shapes. It is a good idea to involve kids to do this decoration.

You can make use of recyclable materials for creating a simple rangoli also decorate it with waste accessories like mirrors, ribbon, lace, and pearls.

Have fun and celebrate a green Diwali. Enjoy this festival with crackers, sweets, lights and have a blast of fun. Celebrate this grand festival as you like and stay happy. Exchange gifts with your loved ones and be happy!

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