4 Tips from experts on wearing the right earplugs on motorcycle rides

Are you an enthusiast of motorcycle riding? Do you wear earplugs while you are riding your motorcycle? What kind of earplugs do you wear? If you are a motorcyclist, you need to think about protecting your ears from the loud noises that they are subjected to during rides. Some form of hearing protection is recommended by health experts.

When we are riding motorcycles, there are noises that we experience that are not safe for our ears. Wind noise is actually one of the dangerous noises that we experience while we are riding motorcycles. This is on top of the noise that the motorcycle makes as it moves. The turbulent air around the helmet when you are riding is dangerous to your ears. As such, you need to find suitable motorcycle earplugs to ensure you are protected adequately. You can check Ironhorsetrading’s best motorcycle ear plugs lists to find some of the best earplugs available on the market.

Here are 4 expert tips on wearing the right earplugs on motorcycle rides:

1. Why wear earplugs for your motorcycle rides?

Well, the noise levels that you subject your ears to while riding without earplugs are dangerous to you. As such, you need to choose the right kind of earplugs to protect your hearing. If you are a rider and do lots of road miles, you will definitely be affected by the resultant noise. The fact that hearing loss is cumulative means that every time you reach the dangerous noise levels, you are slowly adding to the problem of hearing loss.

There are different types of motorcycle earplugs that you can buy. The disposables are quite common and cheap for that matter. As such, you can buy these and protect yourself even when you are on a budget. Then there are the custom fitted earplugs. These are custom molded into your ears to ensure that they fit accurately for better results.

2. Choose the right hearing protection

When you are choosing the right hearing protection, you need to be aware of the noise levels that you want to protect yourself against. Savvy riders are aware that wind can be their greatest enemy. Depending on your riding speeds, the exposure to sound that is louder than 95 dB is dangerous to your hearing. You need to know that with 115dB of noise on a daily basis for 5 days, you are courting a permanent hearing problem.

Well, it is important that one protects themselves from loud noises regardless of their industry or their hobbies. Consider the noise reduction rate or NRR when purchasing earplugs or ear muffs.

3. Replacement rate of the hearing protection

If you decide to buy the ear muffs or the ear plugs for your hearing protection, it is important that you consider the replacement rate of the product. If you are using banded ear plugs, have these replaced when they show signs of wear and tear. Your helmet mounted ear muffs should be replaced when they show signs of wear and tear or when the ear cushions degrade. If the headbands stretch, they should also be replaced. The good thing with the replacement of your earplugs and earmuffs is that they will reliably protect your hearing.

4. Riders with sensitive ears

There are riders who have sensitive ears. This definitely compounds the problem of noise when they are riding their motorcycles. If you happen to have sensitive ears, it would be advisable that you see a specialist for consultation. However, for those who do not have a big problem with the sensitivity of their ears, they can comfortably use reusable earplugs.

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