What do you lose saying “NO” to bulk SMS in your business?


One of the secrets of successful marketing is effective communication with clients. The result of an advertising campaign depends not only on the number of contacts in your database and marketing strategy but also on the ways and quality of your interaction with the audience.

How effective is your customer information system?

Does your marketing channel bring you new clients?

How many resources do you spend on it?

Bulk SMS service provider Atomic SMS claims that with help mass texting campaigns you could not only reduce your costs but also:

  • increase brand recognition;
  • acquire new admirers of your brand;
  • improve communication with current clients.

In this article, we will reveal to you all the prospects of business development which you lose refusing from mass text messaging in your marketing.

Modern status of sending SMS among other popular marketing tools

Apart from being trendy among the young people, bulk SMS has proved its strength as a marketing channel thousands of times. Sending SMS messages has become such a common marketing tool thanks to its simplicity, reliability and fast functioning.

Just take a look at this numbers:

  • The average delivery speed of texts is 200 SMS/sec;
  • The usual open rate of bulk SMS reaches 98%;
  • You don’t need to think about it’s design or creating company’s logo.

Despite the obvious fact of tremendous progress in the development of internal communication channels, commerce companies still have interaction problems with its customers.

Here are few situations in which you may easily recognize yourself as a potential client:

  • The calls from call centers always come at the wrong time and cause only irritation;
  • your email Inbox is so overcrowded with different messages that you barely can find the emails you require urgently. So, what to say about promotions from some shops;
  • The advertising on radio and TV is perceived as background noise;
  • Banners and flyers are ignored on a subconscious level.

Thanks to this you may better understand the problem and maximum optimize the process of seeking for ways of its solution.

Business owners every day thinking about clever methods of attracting customers’ attention. the main problem is the tool that you use for its promotion.

Today, the easiest way to tell the word about your cool project is to send SMS.

It’s really easy, because in text messaging you use only text to convey the messages, no images or animations are involved.

You present only the most important things in the short form.

So the reader don’t have to spend a lot of time to understand your proposition.

The main SMS advantages include:

  1. A firm can issue instant alerts to its workers about critical situations and emergencies.
  2. Sending significant information to key suppliers and customers, thus ensuring that the information reaches the right individual, at once.
  3. A business can send greetings to its suppliers and clients on various fairs or other events.
  4. You can send SMS online or any updates to roaming members of staff, such as salesmen or technicians on the road.

Bulk SMS vs. traditional ad.

While SMS is relatively new, many companies have had their clients respond optimistically. If the customer has purchased from you in the past, they will realize the fact that you are making them know about different deals and everything else that might assist them. As traditional marketing methods such as Email Marketing, phone, print ad and outdoor banners are becoming more expensive and less effectual companies need to discover new ways to market their products or services. One of these new forms is to send bulk SMS. It is inexpensive, creates results, and is user-friendly.

What do you lose saying “NO” to bulk SMS in your business? 1

Does it really work?

Today, getting exposure is one of the best methods to earn revenue and reputation; be it either any company or any online site. Some of the most thriving SMS campaigns of brands include TextaParent in Ireland which offers school supervisors with a podium to instantaneously communicate with staff, parents and other parties saving valuable time and delivering necessary information.


Orange also had a successful campaign undeniably because of the fast, simple and dependable SMS service that they offered customers as ‘Orange Wednesdays‘ where they partnered with all the major cinema firms.

What do you lose saying “NO” to bulk SMS in your business? 2


On the other hand in Kenya, a new project is being put into effect to assist young mothers without access to primary health care. Its objective is to educate and advise mothers by sending them weekly SMS.


SMS education from Eneza


What do you lose saying “NO” to bulk SMS in your business? 3


SMS messaging support for young mothers in Kenya from Totohealth

In conclusion

Still in doubt?

We don’t say, that bulk SMS messaging is perfect. But in comparison with other marketing tools sending mass text messages much cheaper and more effective.

There is a strong case for promoting business via SMS. Simply look at the list of positions that you are losing, ignoring the benefits of SMS messaging in your business:

1. The youth does all their stuff on cell phones, and that takes in receiving discounts for different services or goods.

2. It is almost impossible to track which clients use the coupons you send out with direct mail marketing.

3. Consumers want coupons sent directly to their phones, to be utilized at their convenience. They do not want to deal with the hassle of cutting out coupons.

Author’s Bio: Anastasia Suhareva – Content Marketing Manager at AtomPark Software, company that provides professional tools for email and SMS marketing. A young voice of marketing progress, obsessed with a creative copywriting, design and experiments with new ideas and trends.

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