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4 Reasons To Use Search Engine Optimization In Your Marketing Strategy

The internet has everything and everyone on it. A very large percentage of people rely on search engines to find something that they are in need of, be it a product or service.

This, therefore, calls for businesses to have an online presence. But it doesn’t end there. Your business has to be properly optimized in order to reach your target audience. That’s where SEO comes in as an effective marketing strategy.

Here are 4 reasons to use search engine optimization in your marketing strategy:

1. You Can Measure Everything

One major reason why you must use SEO in your marketing strategy is that it gives you the provision to measure almost everything surrounding your website. Compared to the traditional methods which rely mainly on finding correlations between sales and Ad campaigns, SEO allows you to measure everything.

Tools like Google Analytics can come in handy in monitoring your traffic, reviewing your referral sources, your conversions, and other metrics surrounding your business. With SEO you can clearly evaluate what is working and what isn’t and this will help you focus more on what is more profitable.

2. SEO Earns You More Traffic

The goal of optimizing your website is to make it rank high in the search engine. This way, people searching for keywords in your niche can find your business. This then translates into more traffic to your site and with that high traffic, you can get conversions.

The simplest way to market your business online is to ensure that it is properly optimized. Make proper use of the right keywords in your content and you’ll be able to make your products and services accessible to many people.

3. It Eliminates The Need To Pay For Ad Space

There is the concept of paying for ad space in order to have your website appearing top on search engines with an aim of bringing traffic and hopefully getting conversions. This relies on how much money you are able to pay and the results you are targeting are not promised. This approach is known as Pay Per Click (PPC).

The traffic you’re getting from PPC isn’t organic and once you stop paying, you lose it. The beauty of SEO is that you don’t need to pay for anything. You just need to have your content properly optimized for the search engine and once the search engine algorithm views your content as valuable, it ranks you top without you paying a dime.

4. SEO Gives You A Competitive Advantage

When you optimize your website, it doesn’t just help it to appear on the first page and be on top of the search engine, it also keeps you ahead of your competitors. Your business is one among many that are looking for customers to make a sale to.

When people search for something in your niche, the first result that appears on the search engine gets averagely around 20.5% of all the clicks. The second gets 13.32%, while the third gets 13.4%. This then means that the higher you are on the search engine, the more clicks you get, and the more you conquer your competitors.


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