List Of Torrent Sites in 2018 1

List Of Torrent Sites in 2018

Hello visitors and blog readers, Today I Am going share some Best Torrent Sites 2018. To find out the torrent Files and download your torrent file very easily.

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Torrent is a peer to peer sharing system. In which you to download a small .torrent extension file of your movies or anything. And, then you can easily download your file with uTorrent.  It is easy to download all files like Full movies, Best Pc games, Videos etc.

List Of Torrent Sites in 2018 2

No matter it is banned or pirated, you can access you any type of file for free of cost! It is the best one of the torrent. Torrent has more than 800 million of users. It made the data sharing is easy but slightly slower using this torrent protocol. So you need to know the to download torrent files without any issues.

Torrents are the biggest network. It is easy to spread your any files on the internet under overnight using torrent. It is Important to know about the torrent and good torrent download sites to make use of it in an easy way. Before we begin our Top Best Torrents Sites 2018, let me share this guide into several parts which may help you to easily understand.

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If you tired with the seeding problem in torrent files. Then, don’t worry we are working on a method which will help you to download your torrent files with IDM(Internet Download Manager).

Top Best Torrent Sites 2018 :

Torrent leeching websites, that used to access your requested torrent files. There’re many best torrent leeching sites are available on the web. But for the sake of you, we have hand-picked the high-speed torrent download sites according to their popularity and no of the torrents. You Can use any of below site to You can Also Use NoradVpn To access These:

  1. This is the biggest torrent site which is still available. And here I can guarantee that you will find your file very easily.
  2. KickAss Torrent: Currently It is banned Officially but you can use it via VPN’s
  3.  Extratorrent has been shut down many times. But the site admin has always come up with an alternative domain and getting the site back on track.
  5. If you like to watch T.V series. Then, use this site. In this site, you will find all type of T.V series from Netflix, Hulu, ABC and many more.
  6. This is the best site to download movies via torrent. It has a great collection of movies in all languages. they also provide movies in small size with good quality. So, if you have lack of data. so try this website.
  7. This site was banned once. But the admins came back with a new domain and continued the site.
  8. – Best Torrent Websites 2018
  9. : In 2017 It’s traffic Increased dramatically. After the takedown of KAT. This site has emerged as a very good Alternative. But this Site Has A Lot Of Ads. So, I will suggest you use adblocker. And do not download any suspicious file. It may Harm Your System.
  10. This site was too good sometimes before. But it loses it’s popularity due to too many pop-up ads And spammy Files. So, the admins are working to get the site back on track. I hope that it will be back soon.

Some more Torrent Sites

  3. If You want to earn money while downloading torrent files. Then, This is the best match for your requirements. As this site will pay you for finding fake torrent sites. This site will give you $1 for each fake torrent sites.
  4. It is one of the oldest sites. It was started in 2008 and it still working in 2018. and this site has alone 300k visitors daily which is too much for any site.
  7. This site has a great collection of torrent files. It has more than 4 million torrent files. Which is quite huge.
  8. This site was started 15 years back. So, This site holds some legitimacy. It has more than 9 million torrent files and about 3million torrent files are verified by them.
  10. – This torrent site is like a private community. You can only join it when you have an invitation from someone, who is already the member of Demonoid. This site was started in 2003 and till now there is no illegal charge on the site.

So, guys, I Am sharing the top among these best torrent sites 2018. You can use these site to download your files. These are the largest directory for Computer Software’s, Games, Musics, Movies. Using this site you can download Mac software and other kinds of stuff too.

I would say this is Best torrent sites to download torrent files. So enjoy unlimited free torrent leeching with the best torrent leeching sites for free.

I hope that the article had helped you to find the best torrent downloading site. Please share this on facebook to make it reachable to more peoples.

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