How To Use Instagram On PC

Are you the one who is in the search for the answer that how to use Instagram on pc. Well, be happy then as you have probably managed to grab the best platform to get the answer to the question. It won’t be wrong to say that using Instagram on PC can help the person to enjoy more as the display size of the PC is far big in the comparison of phones.

There are a number of people who have to say that it is not possible to use Instagram on laptop or computers. Well. I would like to take an initiative and tell the people that this statement is completely false. Even operating Instagram on the pc is quite easy in the comparison of phone and tablets. Even the way of working Instagram remains constant on both platforms.

Guide for operating Instagram on PC

• The first thing is that the people need to connect the PC to the internet connection and simply open google chrome. Once you have done it, go to the search tab of google and type Instagram over there. Click on the search icon.

Done with it? The results would be in the in front of you. The people need to click on the option of “Log-in Instagram”. Once you have clicked on it, sit back and relax.

• The home page of the Instagram would be displayed in front of you serving the option of – either to sign up or log-in in the current account. If you do not have the accounts go to sign-up or else go to log-in.

• The screen will be displayed in front of you asking for the log-in information. Fill in the information properly and click on log in and congratulations you are ready now to operate Instagram on pc.

The display of Instagram would be the same as the smartphone one. No other features or options that need to be learned by the operator separately.

What makes operating Instagram on pc better?

It is quite clear from the above-stated points that how to use Instagram on pc. So probably head forward and take experience of using Instagram to another level by operating it on pc. The things that you would definitely like about operations in pc would be –

Big display – having a big screen for the display is obvious liked by a number of people. Same rule apply here, the user will get more joy with a large display and even the pixels would be better.

Saving options – operating on the smartphone give the option of saving a picture offline is by taking a screenshot. On the other hand, the person could save the pictures directly without any issue on pc just with the help of a single left click.

It is quite clear why the statement has been made that using Instagram on pc is better than the smartphone and tablets. In case you own a pc then try operating it.

How to download from Instagram?

To save Instagram videos on PC and Phone, you just have to follow 3 steps:

  1. Open and Instagram URL.
  2. Add the letter “q” before the URL and press enter.
  3. You will be taken to our Instagram Video Downloader tool which will let you download and any Instagram video, photos and DP in High Quality.


Change it to
(note the letter “q” in the URL)

For Desktop Users:


For Mobile Users:


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