Tricks and strategies to promote your Youtube channel 1

Tricks and strategies to promote your Youtube channel

Are you ready with your videos to be featured on the Youtube?

Well, only half your work is done. You have uploaded the videos and then what?

You wait for the viewers or do you want to take your videos to the viewers?

That is the purpose of creating and uploading videos on the Youtube channel, right; that people see them and appreciate or at least like them.

Tricks and strategies to promote your Youtube channel 2

To increase traffic for your Youtube channel is an art and an art that anyone can learn, though with discipline.

The tricks and strategies mentioned here are tried and tested formulas that provide guaranteed positive results.

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1. Title is the king

The title of your Youtube videos is what will attract the viewers to view the videos at least once. Be sure to make the title interesting, attractive and catchy. It can be unique and different, though bear in mind not to make it too different that people don’t relate to it. Your video heading should

  • Be short and catchy.
  • Have the current year added in it.
  • Include power words like awesome, best, etc.
  • Include emotional triggers.
  • Include proper keywords that people are likely to search for.

2. Sharing the videos on social media sites

Everyone is on social media platforms these days, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin, and these social media sites are a powerful tool to market your Youtube videos. You can share your videos on one or few of these sites and be assured; your videos are most likely to reach a large number of viewers via sharing.  You should also check how to share private youtube video. This will attract the viewers to your actual Youtube channel.

3. Video tagging is the way

Improper video tagging is one of the biggest blunders you can make that will decide if your video will get the desired traffic or not. Youtube video tagging is quite different from a tag in the blogs. In order to appear in other related videos, create your unique branded tag. Also, make sure that your keyword is incorporated as your video tag.

Check out

Using variations of your keyword as tags is also a very good option to increase traffic for your Youtube channel. You could use Youtube tools to look for tags that are used by the highest ranking videos and use them in your videos as well.

4. Custom thumbnails

For better visibility and views, make use of the custom thumbnails that will help you stand out in the searched videos and related videos section.

Make sure that your thumbnails

  • Have the proper resolution
  • Are uploaded in the right format
  • Are under 2 MB
  • Use the correct and most preferred ratio of 16:9


5. Start a blog

If you are a full-time Youtuber, then starting a blog for your channel is the best thing. You can start a blog on any free or paid platforms and embed your Youtube videos on your blogs. Blogs these days have a wider reach than other mediums of advertizing on the internet.

Author bio: Ruchi Gupta, an eminent blogger, loves to connect with people on various levels. She is an inspiration for many through her thought inspiring blogs and write-ups.