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The Truth About Instagram: How To Use It To Grow Your Business?

If used effectively, Instagram is a great marketing tool with more than 800 million monthly active users.

Despite its rapid growth on the visual-based social media platform, you can still gain many followers and reach your target audience organically.

The daily pictures, videos, and stories published on Instagram are shared by hundreds of millions worldwide.

We’ll show you how to connect with your audience on Instagram in this post and show you how you can get started using it.

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1. Create an optimized profile

Consider your Instagram profile your online home if you use it for business purposes. Make sure your profile is eye-catching; you’ll get only 150 characters, a link, and a click-to-action button.

First, ensure that your Instagram account is a business account. Businesses can have extra features, including the ability to track content performance, sell on Instagram, and expand their profiles.

Next, create an Instagram bio that will blow your followers away. The following information should be included in your profile:

  • Give a brief description of the services you provide
  • Defining your category/industry (Shopping and Retail, Business Services, Restaurants, etc.)
  • Show off the personality of your brand with the tone you choose
  • Information about your contact (phone number, email, address, etc.)

2. Create a visual aesthetic that fits you

Instagram is a visual platform. You might not need the same thing that works for another business. Establish branding guidelines so that your business page will be consistent, then think about what aesthetic you want to present.

The Truth About Instagram: How To Use It To Grow Your Business? 1

Make sure you pay attention to the colors you use. Instagram accounts with the most followers tend to use a select color palette for their photos, which helps establish their unique style.

3. Get involved in your community

Your Instagram profile shouldn’t become an eternal sales pitch when you use it for business. Socializing is one of the main goals of Instagram.

You should respond to someone when they share their views and show that you are paying attention to them. Instagram communities are built through responses to comments.

In addition to engagement prompts, interaction is also greatly encouraged. In Instagram Stories, you can use interactive stickers like polls, questions, and sliding scales.

4. Consistent posting

Your target audience is more likely to see your posts if you maintain a regular posting schedule. Using a combination of new content and interests that each person is most likely to enjoy, Instagram shows each person’s content.

Each person’s timeline is customized according to their activity through Instagram’s algorithm based on machine learning.


5. Caption your pictures well

Brands can use captions in a variety of ways to enhance their content. Those who treat captions as microblogging spaces and places to share stories do so at their own risk.

Many people use them to create short, snappy headlines for their posts. However, that is not the only use of captions. There is no limit to the possibilities. Making sure the copy matches your brand is crucial.


It is easy to get views with a cute puppy video or get likes with elegant brunch pictures.

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As a personal account holder, you probably follow many brands, but there’s a good chance you also follow it in your business account. The majority of people who follow brands on Instagram do so from their personal accounts.

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