How to write a Lengthy Content which can Rank in Search Engine

Everyone tries to right lengthy content so that it can add value to the search engine and users. It has been seen that the content which is longer usually rank higher in the search engine.

Just check the below image which shows which kind of lengthy article rank better in the search engine-

As you can see the content of around 2400+ words rank in first or second position in the search engine. Which itself ensures that lengthy content works better. But writing the lengthy content is always easy even if you have a broad topic. For example, writing dissertations are not easy especially if you don’t have a quality writer or the one who can research. In such cases, you can also buy dissertation here which will ensure you are getting quality with quantity.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to write lengthy content which will be equally beneficial for users as well as search engine.

#1 Add all the Elements

Writing a lengthy content is an art which has several elements which makes it a perfect content. Here are some of the important elements of a lengthy content-

  • Make the whole post in different section
  • Select the broader topic rather than the micro post
  • Add the required images wherever it can be
  • Add reference link which can add more value to it
  • Link your older post to make it more relevant
  • Add videos if required and possible and many more

Yes, these are the integral aspect of any broader post and you should add these to make it perfect.

#2 Engage your users

This is a very important point while writing such posts. If you will not engage your users, then people won’t get connected and will leave your website quickly which will give negative impact on your website.

Again, the question is how to engage the users? These are the points you can consider doing so-

  • Ask questions to your users and ask them to answer in comment box
  • Add sharing buttons
  • Appeal them to share it
  • Don’t force users to signup to comment, make it open etc.

How to write a Lengthy Content which can Rank in Search Engine 1

So, if you will follow these points, you will be definitely able to engage your users.

#3 Give Examples

Try to connect the users by giving the examples. Just think if someone is asking you to buy anything by showing their earlier positive effect then the chances are more than you’ll buy it.

The same applies here as well. Whatever options and methods you’re giving to the user try to get some examples of companies who have benefited from such methods earlier. This will take the users in confidence and will help you to keep your users with you and take it forward.

#4 Do Testing and Research

Whenever you are writing such content, make sure to research and test it. Here is the testing you can do. Try to do A/B testing on the following-

  • Test your headlines for different combinations and select the best
  • Test for the layout
  • Make sure to do what block should be kept in what place etc.

#5 Go for evergreen content ideas

You can write 2000-3000 words content with a micro niche topic, you’ll have to go with evergreen content ideas. For example, the title like how SEO can be done for better ranking is an evergreen content. Here you can even write 10k+ words of articles as there are around 200 factors for ranking and you can derive as much as you can.


These were some of the best ideas and tips for writing a detailed post. Follow these techniques and try to add all the flavors in the content.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to add the comment.

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