Why Guest Posting Really Works 1

Why Guest Posting Really Works

Digital marketing has taken the retail world by a storm. It has replaced the traditional form of marketing and is considered as one of the most sought after methods of reaching out to the target audience. Digital marketing employs different tools and techniques that help your business grow. If you need guest post from real organic sites then you must check out blogger outreach service from Degions.

Know your goals

One method of increasing revenue and website traffic is through guest posting. It really works and you will see the results over a period of time. Before your begin, you need to decide the guest posting goals. The right goals will help you achieve optimum results. When you are very clear about the goals of guest posting, you will be able to find the right blogs to submit your posts. There are mainly three types of goals for guest blogging. These include getting traffic to the website, positioning yourself as a well known name in the industry and building backlinks. Guest posts and back links go hand in hand, thus you can achieve two purposes with one exercise.

If you have the right type of content on your blog, you will be able to achieve all the three types of goals. You will have to begin with finding blocks that have a good and organic audience. There are a number of tools available online that allow you to find blogs and target your audience. Once you know your goals, you can determine the blogs that will be ideal for you to submit your guest posts to.

Look for opportunities

Once you decide your goals and the audience you wish to target, you need to look for opportunities for the same. Your goal is to find sites that are relevant to the niche in the industry you operate in. Pick blogs that focus on your industry and have audience that will be interested in your industry. It is ideal to choose a blog which has a social media presence to that you will gain followers through the same.


Google is the best place to start your search for opportunities. You can do this by searching for blogs that accept guests posts. It will lead you to the guest post page of the blog or to the actual posts by other writers. You will be able to gain an insight into the type of blogs that the website accepts and the number of views it receives.

Guest Bloggers

There are many guest bloggers in the industry. You can use Google search to look for prolific guest bloggers and reveal the sites that they post on. The sites should be in your niche and good enough to post as a guest blogger. If you know a guest blogger in the industry, you can make an introduction of the blogs they have worked upon.


Your SEO campaign will include backlinks in order to draw traffic to the website. If you have pulled a backlink analysis of your competition while you work on the campaign, there are chances that the competitors have backlinks from the posts they have done. Understand the backlinks of the competitors and see how they generate backlinks and what does it do for their business. You can use Google search for the same which will reveal sites that the competitor has written for in the past.

Social Search

There are many bloggers who share details about their guest posts on social media. You can run a search on Google or Twitter using the keyword “guest post” in order to gain latest information about the bloggers in the industry. You can follow their links to see the blogs which are accepting guest posts.

Look for bloggers for your blog

Never forget that guest blogging is a two way street and it might to tough to maintain your own blog, but it will really help you if you look for bloggers to post on your blog. You need to open an invitation for guest bloggers in order to write for your blog. It will also help you keep fresh content on your blog and add a new perspective for the audience. You will be able to get new readers and reach out to the target audience.

Here is how guest posting can help grow your business

Builds relationships:

Bloggers are always looking for quality content and if you are a good guest blogger, you will not only add value to their website but also build strong relationships with other bloggers. By making friends with prolific people in the industry, you can grow your influence on social media and get more readers to your website.

Introduces you to new people:

With guest blogging, you get an opportunity to enter a community of like-minded people and share your message with them. You can connect with new people and learn doubt their business. It will add value to your business and you will be able to see more readers and followers over a period of time.

Perfect for search engines:

When you have a guest post, the host blogger will link your blog in the post somewhere and these links add value to your blog on search engines. It will become easier to find your content through Google and social media.

There are many reasons why guest posting works and how you can ensure that it works for the best of your business. However, it is very important to approach it in the right manner and to determine your goals for the same. You cannot embark on guest posting without carrying out adequate research or looking for websites that are a niche in your industry.

It helps to research about the same and then connect with the website owner for the purpose of guest posting. It really helps if you know prolific guest bloggers in the industry since they will help you connect with websites that accept guest posts and you could also ask them to contribute to your website. Understand your niche and develop connections in the same.

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